If you’re a real deal, honest-to-goodness diehard biker, the odds are probably pretty good that you already know where to go for good food and great drinks in a hog-friendly atmosphere. Everyone has to start somewhere, however, so for those who are just beginning to enjoy the rushing wind, the gleaming asphalt and freedom of the open road, here are five biker approved Boston destinations to park that shiny new beast of yours in between road trips and coffee runs.

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Trina’s Starlight Lounge
3 Beacon St.
Somerville, MA
(617) 576-0006

Hours: Sun to Thurs – 5 p.m. to 1 a.m., Fri to Sat – 5 p.m. to 2 a.m.

Tattoos, pin up girls and hot rods: these are a few of the favorite things among staff members at Trina’s Starlight Lounge, a biker-friendly and unassuming hot spot for those seeking a load off from the gravel pit. Early risers take note: Trina’s is famous for its award winning brunch and their must have fried chicken. Weekend bike enthusiasts aren’t forgotten either, as Trina’s offers an “industry brunch” at noon on Mondays for those whose day job keeps them “working for the weekend.” Customers are invited to come to Trina’s for the affordable food and stay for the neighborhood bar atmosphere.

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The Chicken Bone Saloon
358 Waverly St.
Framingham, MA
(508) 879-1138

Hours: Sat to Thurs – 11 a.m. to 1 a.m., Fri – 11 a.m. to 2 a.m.
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Live music and late night grub make this Framingham destination a favorite among the four and the two wheel crowd. The Chicken Bone Saloon packs ’em in with its acclaimed assortment of wings ‘n finger food. A kitschy, party time atmosphere makes The Chicken Bone a recommended pit stop for blues bikers looking to wet their whistle whilst checking out an exciting new live band at the Saloon’s Tuesday Tryouts series, where customers are invited to supply commentary on The Chicken Bone’s revolving stage of artists. While the Saloon’s motto of “chicken and tunes” is indeed not just blowin’ smoke, The Chicken Bone also has plenty of HDTV sports action on hand for those who just want to watch the game.

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Doug Danger’s Danger Zone Saloon
948 Main St.
Warren, MA 01083
(413) 436-7117

Hours: Sun to Fri – 12 p.m. to 2 a.m., Sat – 12 p.m. to 1 a.m.

With a name like Doug Danger’s Danger Zone Saloon, you just know that you’ve found a biker-friendly joint. Indeed, this Warren-based establishment proudly proclaims that “bikers are always welcome!” This spot was founded by famed motorcycle stuntman Doug Danger, who has broken the car jumping records of both Evel and Robbie Knievel despite suffering a horrible accident in 1992 which put him in a month-long coma. The Danger Zone Saloon prides itself on no nonsense, traditional bar fare and food, bereft of extravagant trappings or hoity-toity frills. Burgers and dogs, pizza and fries are the name of the game here food-wise, while each night of the week offers cold beer and good times amidst such familiar bar events as darts, Texas Hold’em, free jukebox and classic rock karaoke. So if fancy is what you’re after, step aside; if you’re seeking out danger, however, you’ve come to the right place.

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Lucky Dog Music Hall
89 Green St.
Worcester, MA
(508) 363-1888

Hours: Tues to Sun – Revolving schedule

Proud home to some of the loudest punk, rock and heavy metal acts, this famed Worcester, Mass. dive bar is a biker’s paradise. This bar’s outlaw tendencies also tend to blend into the musical taste here. The staff and locals of the Lucky Dog all possess a wicked sense of humor, which can be confirmed by the hall’s hilarious fun facts webpage, but don’t let their bristling exterior fool you. The Lucky Dog has proven to be a home away from home for countless local and touring artists. Sure, the bartenders here are just as likely to make you blush with a dirty joke as they are to pour you a pint, but it’s all in good fun at a joint that has proudly called Woostah home since 1759. Well, that is, if one is apt to believe the Lucky Dog’s unofficial history. Just another knee slapper from those crazy folks at the Lucky Dog.

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The Sand Bar
714 Washington St.
Lynn, MA
(781) 593-SAND

Hours: Daily – 12 p.m. to 1 a.m.

Proudly proclaiming itself to be “An American Beach Bar,” The Sand Bar in Lynn provides a nice balance between live, raucous biker bar rock and down home, friendly neighborhood atmosphere. Hogs and their riders are most certainly welcome at this unassuming, yet openhearted establishment. Patrons will find The Sand Bar’s Motley Crue and Black Sabbath cover bands likely going over a storm with the denim ‘n leather set. The Sand Bar also offers a selection of six HD plasma televisions, featuring every possible bit of sports coverage for which one could ask, alongside a popular karaoke night on Fridays. Odds are pretty good that if you park your hog at The Sand Bar, good times are likely to follow in their wake.

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