Although many of us enjoy playing our rowdy drinking games at a house party or at a night home with friends, sometimes we may want be a bit more social, while at the same time showing off our honed skills to some unwary bar patrons. After all, why not showcase those razor-sharp beer pong, flip-cup or beirut abilities out on the town, while at the same time earning some bragging rights amongst the bar crowd? Here are some Bostonian destinations which could prove just perfect for that next championship contest.

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183 State St.
Boston, MA 02109
(617) 723-7050

Located in Boston’s financial district, Goodbar is a joint which lives up to its name as a good, stress-free place to gather for a game of beer pong or darts with friends. Easy going and spacious with two floors of room for gaming and relaxing, Goodbar offers plenty of cheap drinks to fuel some pretty intense beer pong antics. The bar also entertains with Family Feud Thursdays and Fridays for those who prefer some less inebriated competition. The first floor offers a dance hall so you can get your groove on after a good game of pong. The Goodbar’s house special drink, The Fishbowl, is a deceptively powerful, fruity concoction which promises lethal results if imbibed too quickly, or with too little restraint. Cheers!

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The North Star
222 Friend St.
Boston, MA 02114
(617) 723-3222

Everyone has their own set of rules and personal style for the famed drinking game of beer pong. Oftentimes, serious beer pong aficionados will refer to the game as “beirut,” a close cousin of beer pong which is usually defined by its more complex set of rules and regulations. The North Star offers plenty of room and tables for the serious beirut and beer pong enthusiast around the Boston Garden area, while also cooking up an affordable assortment of diehard bar food fare to fuel the competition. A proud sports and singles bar, The North Star offers gaming, dining and dancing to last visitors long into the night.

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The Bus Stop Pub
252 Western Ave.
Allston, MA 02134
(617) 254-4086

Allston Rock City is known for its fair share of night life options, from restaurants and pubs to some of the dirtiest, sweatiest live music around town. The Bus Stop Pub-located on Western Avenue, near the Brighton area-is a local dive bar which contains plenty of room for the popular, team-based drinking game known as flip cup. Classless and proud of it, The Bus Stop presents deer head decor and delicious pub food grub alongside jukebox diversions and plenty of cheap booze. Affectionately known amongst its regulars as “The Bucket,” this Bus Stop is one charmingly shady destination of which you’ll likely make a habit.

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The Cambridge Queen Head
45 Quincy St.
Cambridge, MA 02138
(617) 495-5107

The Cambridge Queen Head in Harvard Square sure isn’t your down-home, t-shirt-and-jeans sort of place, but for those looking to dress up a bit for their drinking games, this establishment offers up Table Shuffleboard-also known as “Shufflepuck”-entertainment alongside its beer and wine selection. The Cambridge Queen Head is a great place to take a date, as well. It’s a cool night time go-to and hot spot which, despite admitting minors, thus requiring a bracelet to enter the basement bar area, should serve to spice up even the most awkward of evenings.

(photo credit: An Tain via facebook)

An Tain
31 India St.
Boston, MA 02110
(617) 426-1870

An Tain is yet another drinking game-friendly, Financial District area spot which offers cornhole nights, a bean bag-based drinking game similar to skee ball or wack-a-mole, only with copious amount of booze to smooth up the proceedings. An Tain is similarly proud of its dive bar status, as well, with $6 pitchers, $1 Coors and $2 Bud Lights ensuring that most, if not all, of even their rowdiest customers will leave satisfied. Primarily a pre-game and poor college kid hangout, An Tain nevertheless serves up gaming ‘n drinking a plenty for the thirsty-yet-thrifty consumer.

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