It’s a jungle out there in the dating scene, and it can prove difficult to come up with a fresh and original place to meet up, talk and get to know someone…particularly if that someone is a blind date. Blind dates can be an exciting experience, whether one is just beginning their dating life or starting again after a long absence. Here are five bars that would make an excellent choice for any blind date spot.

City Bar
61 Exeter St.
Boston, MA 02199
(617) 536-5300

The City Bar is an in-the-know hot spot and lounge located within the Lenox Hotel; a perfect blind date spot with some cool and romantic mood lighting, yet bright and friendly enough not to come across as too intense or serious. Instead, yummy martinis and casual conversation make City Bar a balanced and unique date choice which sets up any blind meeting for success right from the get-go. City bar is dressed to impress.



Eastern Standard Kitchen
528 Commonwealth Ave.
Boston, MA 02215
(617) 532-9100

Eastern Standard Kitchen may not sound like a recommended blind date spot upon name alone, but closer inspection reveals the real claim to fame for this Commonwealth Avenue bar and restaurant: an exhaustively extended cocktail list. With alcohol being the natural social lubricant it is, a couple of cocktails ensures that first date jitters will fly out the window, with comfortable, casual conversation virtually guaranteed. Eastern Standard Kitchen naturally offers plenty of tasty appetizers and entrees to balance out the booze, as well, making it a dark horse contender for blind date bliss.

Delux Cafe
100 Chandler St.
Boston, MA 02116
(617) 338-5258

Not every blind date needs to take place at the fanciest restaurant or the ritziest of wine/tapas bars. Sometimes a charming dive bar can prove just as successful, particularly amongst the young hipster set. Delux Cafe, located on Chandler Street in the city’s South End, in between Clardenon Street and Columbus Avenue, offers affordable comfort food classics like grilled cheese with an elevated sense of “cool,” while an ice cold beer provides the perfect, no-stress-or-pressure way to make any blind date feel as easy as pie.

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(Photo from The Hawthorne/Facebook)

(Photo from The Hawthorne/Facebook)

The Hawthorne
Hotel Commonwealth
500A Commonwealth Ave.
Boston, MA 02215
(617) 532-9150

If nothing less than the best will do for that special blind date, The Hawthorne serves as an about-face from Delux Cafe, a dressy dining affair which promotes class and cocktails beneath a cloak of heavy mood lighting for that all-important mystery factor that goes into dating first impressions. Located within the Hotel Commonwealth in Boston, The Hawthorne is anything but stuffy, however, leaning more towards cool hipster chic than an austere, suit and tie snooze-fest. Friendly, knowledgeable bartenders and upscale atmosphere make The Hawthorne an upper-level blind date destination.

(Photo from Franklin Cafe/Facebook)

(Photo from Franklin Cafe/Facebook)

Franklin Cafe
278 Shawmut Ave.
Boston, MA 02118
(617) 350-0010

Franklin Cafe is another humble and comfortable South End spot with massive blind date potential. Located between Hanson Street and Waltham Street, Franklin Cafe is a casual place to meet over drinks. But more importantly, this little nook offers its full menu of food until the wee hours of 1 a.m., ensuring an open time frame for blind dates to linger long into the night. Business people and lovebirds rub elbows here at the Franklin Cafe, where good food and drink make cozying up on a blind date ridiculously easy.

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