(Photo Credit: Sandra Mu/Getty Images)

(Photo Credit: Sandra Mu/Getty Images)

National Bike Day is April 19th this year, and after the winter Boston has endured this season, the odds are fairly good that this warm spring day can’t come soon enough for many. Luckily, there are plenty of great bike trails in the Boston area for families of all skill levels, from beginners to the very advanced. Here are just a few recommended trails to hit up this National Bike Day.
Charles River Bike Paths
Beacon Hill
Storrow and Memorial Drive
Boston, MA 02228

The bike paths near Storrow Drive along the Charles River are great, scenic bike paths for a warm spring day, guaranteed to evoke positive memories and feelings of the upcoming summer months while also providing plenty of great aquatic scenery to enjoy along the way. This bike path, being a well traveled one near Beacon Hill, isn’t too difficult for families to enjoy, and is a recommended jaunt to shake off those winter blues.

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Minuteman Bikeway
110 South Road
Bedford, MA 01730

The Minuteman Bikeway path begins in Bedford, Massachusetts and stretches all the way through the Davis Square section of Boston, providing a ton of great scenery and natural beauty for family riders who are a seeking a more challenging stretch of road to bike. Indeed, given the distance covered here, bike trips here at the Minuteman Bikeway are recommended primarily for family bikers with a bit of experience under their belts, but the experience is definitely worth it.

The Back Bay Fens
Park Drive at Jersey St.
Boston, MA 02215

The Back Bay Fens provide plenty of outdoor entertainment and enjoyment options for the warm weather inclined during the spring and summer months. From walking and hiking to biking and simply lounging around and enjoying the sunshine, there’s something here for everyone. Gardens, memorials and, of course, Boston’s great history greet visitors along the paths, making a trip to the Back Bay Fens suitable for families of all skill levels and interests. It’s an area of great beauty right in the back yard of Boston.

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Boston Public Garden
Boylston & Arlington
Boston, MA 02116

Speaking of beautiful, historical areas right in the back yards of Boston, the city’s Public Garden is an oft visited area of the city which nevertheless might go under appreciated by those who might be used to having the garden so close by. For visitors or tourists, the Boston Public Garden will provide great biking trails and outdoor fun for families who want to get out and explore all of the natural beauty which can sometimes be forgotten amidst all the hustle and bustle of daily life.

North End
Boston, MA 02113

Heading to the North End for our final family friendly bike trail here in Boston, the HarborWalk is a gorgeous sight indeed of Boston’s nautical North End beauty, providing plenty of room for walking, hiking and biking for the whole family. Restaurants, outdoor seating and other attractions make a trip here to the HarborWalk a day trip worth hitting up on any day of the Spring or Summer months for couples, groups or families seeking to spend some quality time together along Boston’s North End harbor.

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