Best Movies For A Snowy Day

January 13, 2011 3:29 PM

Groundhog Day (credit: AP)

What’s better on a snow day than curling up on the sofa or in your favorite chair and watching a movie? And while you’re sipping hot chocolate, enjoying the warmth of your blanket, and watching the flakes fly outside, why not watch a movie about snow?! Here are a few suggestions. Be sure to add your favorites in the comment section below.
christmasstory warnerbrothe Best Movies For A Snowy Day

A Christmas Story (credit Warner Brothers)

A Christmas Story

It doesn’t have to be Christmas to appreciate this Christmas-themed movie. Between Flick’s tongue freezing to the flag pole and Ralphie’s little brother, Randy, so bundled up he can’t his arms down, there are lots images to which those of us in New England can relate at wintertime.

alive touchstonepictures Best Movies For A Snowy Day

Alive (credit Touchstone Pictures)


Not a family movie, but certainly one that will chill you. In this true story, a Uruguayan rugby team’s plane crashes in the middle of the Andes mountains where it’s cold, they’re alone and they’re forced to do whatever they can to stay alive.

coolrunnings waltdisneypict Best Movies For A Snowy Day

Cool Runnings (credit: Walt Disney Pictures)

Cool Runnings

Another movie based – somewhat – on a true story. This one is about the first Jamaican bobsledding team as it heads to Calgary for the Olympics. It’s a family movie and if the snow has you feeling cold, there are some nice warm images from Jamaica.

dumbdumber newlinecinema Best Movies For A Snowy Day

Dumb & Dumber (credit New Line Cinema)

Dumb & Dumber

Lloyd (Jim Carrey) and Harry (Jeff Daniels) are on a mission to return a suitcase full of money to its owner, but instead encounter a set of criminals that want the case for themselves. Lloyd and Harry end up in snowy Aspen, Colorado where their series of misadventures continues.

encounters ap Best Movies For A Snowy Day

Encounters At The End Of The World (credit AP)

Encounters At The End Of The World

In this documentary Werner Herzog showcases Antarctica and the people who live there. There’s a vast array of scientists doing various work on the southern most continent, and Herzog features many of them in his film.

fargo ap Best Movies For A Snowy Day

Fargo (credit AP)


As the title implies, this movie takes place in Fargo, North Dakota. Well, it at least starts there. But it doesn’t get any warmer when the location shifts to Minnesota and it’s still winter. This is not a family movie, as its plot is about a kidnapping gone wrong and the subsequent investigation.

groundhogday ap Best Movies For A Snowy Day

Groundhog Day (credit: AP)

Groundhog Day

It may not be February 2 when you watch it, but that’s when this movie takes place. Over and over and over again. Bill Murray stars as a television weatherman sent to Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania to cover the Groundhog Day celebration there. A snowstorm forces the weatherman and his two colleagues to stay in Punxsutawney where they relive the same day again and again.

iceage ap Best Movies For A Snowy Day

Ice Age (credit: AP)

Ice Age

This animated movie, and its subsequent sequels, features glaciers, prehistoric creatures and the impending Ice Age. Sure it’s animated, but it’s still cold.

marchofpenguins nationalgeo Best Movies For A Snowy Day

March of the Penguins (credit: National Geographic Feature Films)

March Of The Penguins

Another movie that takes place on the southern most continent, March Of The Penguins tells the story of the Emperor penguins and their journey from the ocean to the ice and their breeding ground. It’s a story of life and death with Morgan Freeman’s booming voice narrating the entire journey.

snowday paramountpictures Best Movies For A Snowy Day

Snow Day (credit: Paramount Pictures)

Snow Day

What better to watch on a snow day than a movie called “Snow Day”? This snow day happens in upstate New York and includes a group of elementary school kids stopping a snowplow driver by trying to hijack his plow truck. There’s also a plot line of love and another of rivalry.

whiteout ap Best Movies For A Snowy Day

Whiteout (credit: AP)


Yet another movie set at the South Pole. This time, a U.S. Marshal is about to return home from Antarctica before winter and the whiteout. But a body was found in the snow. It’s discovered that the body is that of a scientist who went missing with two other scientists. The scientist was murdered and the U.S. Marshal has to solve the case in three days before the whiteout begins.