A slice of cheese melted between two buttered slices of toast – it sounds so simple. But if you’re one of the many who have ever had to suffer through countless mediocre grilled cheeses, you understand what we’re talking about. There are grilled cheeses and there are great grilled cheeses. Here are some of the best in Boston.

(Photo Credit: Roxy's Gourmet Grilled Cheese)

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To steal a line off their website, this is not your grandmother’s grilled cheese. Food and Wine Magazine lists Roxy’s Green Muenster (Muenster, with guacamole and bacon) as one of the Best Grilled Cheeses in America. But with menu items like the heroic Mac and Chorizo sandwich, we suggest you try whichever sandwich your pallet fancies. You honestly CANNOT go wrong.

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(Photo Credit: Cheeseboy/Facebook)

A slab of creamy white American cheese hot pressed between a couple thick slices of Italian bread for three bucks? Why yes please! We’re particularly fond of ordering up The Cheeseboy Classic at the Boston-born chain’s South Station location. It’s fast and delicious, which is perfect both before and after a long commute on the MBTA.

Photo Credit: Eastern Standard Kitchen

Two slices of toast and some cheese for nine bucks? Sure the price seems steep at face value, but when you consider the cheese is some of the best in the country, aged Grafton Vermont Cheddar, melted between two plump pieces of fresh rye bread, you’ll understand that some delicacies are worth a little extra money.

(Photo Credit: Formaggio Kitchen)

It’s the only other Boston-area grilled cheese maker to land on Food & Wine’s best in America list. But what’s so great about it? How about the fact that a perfect grilled cheese sandwich needs the perfect cheese? And where better to find it than a cheese specialty shop? The rotating menu at Formaggio features different types of cheese-based sandwiches all the time.

Photo Credit: Beehive

This one doesn’t seem fair… like we should make a separate “Best of” for this sandwich. I mean, come on! How does anyone compete with a Short Rib, Farmhouse Cheddar & Fontina Grilled Cheese Sandwich? Well, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em (or eat ‘em in this case.)

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