The biggest daytime event every First Night is the FedEx Family Festival over at the Hynes. It’s a full afternoon of family friendly entertainment. But it’s not the only stop worth making on December 31. Here are some other best bets before the sun goes down.

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Brattle Theatre Logo

The Thin Man and After the Thin Man Double Feature

The Brattle Theatre
40 Brattle Street
Harvard Square

First Night Boston crosses the river into Cambridge, when the iconic Brattle Theatre offers free admission to all First Night button holders for a New Year’s double feature of Nick and Nora Charles. The Thin Man screens at 2:30 and 7 p.m., and After the Thin Man at 4:30 and 9 p.m.

Morgan White Jr. (Photo Credit: Paul Marotta/First Night Boston)

Morgan White Jr. (Photo Credit/First Night Boston)

Morgan White Jr. – The Man from T.R.I.V.I.A.

Hynes Convention Center, Hynes Room 202
1:30, 2:45 and 4 p.m.

Known as one of the premiere trivia experts in the nation and one of only a handful of people who devote their full time to the field of trivia, Morgan White will challenge your knowledge of everything from animation to Boston.

Chu Ling Dance Academy (Photo Credit: Paul Marotta/First Night Boston)

Chu Ling Dance Academy (Photo Credit: Paul Marotta/First Night Boston)

Chu Ling Dance Academy

Hynes Convention Center, Room 302
1 and 2:30 p.m.

Ling’s Chinatown-based company delivers a fusion of traditional Chinese dance with the drama of martial arts.


New England Anime Society

Hynes Convention Center, Room 312
1-6 p.m.

Back by popular demand! The New England Anime Society, convention organizers of Anime Boston, presents the best and most popular Japanese animation.

Project STEP (credit: First Night Boston)

Project STEP

Boston Public Library
1 p.m. and 2 p.m.

Project STEP was founded in 1982 to address the reality that Blacks and Latinos are underrepresented in classical music. Since then, the organization has worked to identify and train minority students who wouldn’t otherwise have access to the best available training. Every graduate of Project STEP has gone on to college or conservatory, and many are now playing in orchestras, teaching music, or mentoring current Project STEP students. At First Night, the Honors String Quartet will perform, along with two other chamber groups, under the direction of Mariana Green-Hill, a Project STEP alumna.

Information furnished by our partners at First Night.