Content the taste buds in just the right atmosphere for conversation and comfort. Service comes first with the staff for their clientele visiting Boston. Each of these restaurants and drinking establishments has won top listings by their neighbors in a city known for tough competition in places to frequent after the work day has ended.

(Photo Credit: MAST')

(Photo Credit: MAST’)

MAST’ Restaurant & Drinkery
45 Province St.
Boston, MA 02108
(617) 936-3800

MAST’ Restaurant & Drinkery has set a standard of opulent comfort and entrees masterfully presented by skilled hosts and thoughtful staff. Francesco Gargiulli leads his team with an expertise that is unparalleled, having traveled throughout Europe, Sicily and Japan mastering techniques and dishes unique to each culture and bringing these tastes and delicacies to patrons of MAST’. Wait staff is able to give expert selection advice, so you can be confident in satisfaction. The menu is diverse and full of mouthwatering ample portions no matter what choice you decide upon, with creative cocktails and fine beverages to sate a thirst or peek your hunger. MAST’ continues to be voted among the Best of Boston, making it the place to experience first class service and atmosphere.

(Photo Credit: Scampo)

(Photo Credit: Scampo)

215 Charles St.
Boston, MA 02114
(617) 536-2100

Scampo’s is a destination of choice located in Boston’s Liberty Hotel. Master Chef Lydia Shire has designed a menu featuring a variety of tastes and aromas internationally sought after from coast to coast. Enjoy the unique mozzarella bar, home-made bread and wine list which compliments the flavor and savory uniqueness of each dish. The atmosphere is delightful and energetic, open to all clientele looking for an exceptional experience in Boston. A private patio during both spring and summer seasons gives options for comfort and relaxation.

(Photo Credit: Earl's Restaurant)

(Photo Credit: Earl’s Restaurant)

Earl’s Kitchen & Bar
698 Assembly Row
Somerville, MA 02145
(617) 666-1790

Ethnic staples, smashed burgers and juicy steaks grilled to perfection are only a small sampling of the tasty bar fare you’ll find at Earl’s Kitchen & Bar. Finger foods, salads and fresh-baked breadsticks loaded and topped with an assortment of cheeses and dipping sauces are favorites of the patrons who make it a habit to return and dine and drink at Earl’s. The atmosphere is as delicious as the signature sugar candy basket that enfolds its vanilla gelato, warm chocolate cake with a hint of toffee drizzled within, just enough to make your mouth water. Enjoy your surroundings with good friends and delightful entrees.

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(Photo Credit: The Fours)

(Photo Credit: The Fours)

The Four’s Sports Bar & Restaurant
166 Canal St.
Boston, MA 02114
(617) 720-4455

Noted by Sports Illustrated as the number one Sports Bar in America, The Four’s keeps its reputation as a forerunner for the look and feel of a proper sports bar pristine. The goal is to enjoy yourself, eat well, make an opportunity for brilliant conversations and to spend time with friends and family. This is the place for an energetic night on the town, with sports fans and legends, and maybe a hearty meal named after you. The Four’s has quite the fantastic menu with a bold clam chowder, praised by patrons and food critics. Here there is a champions atmosphere that won’t be beat, a restaurant proud to be Boston Strong.

(Photo Credit: Mr. Dooley's)

(Photo Credit: Mr. Dooley’s)

Mr. Dooley’s 
77 Broad St.
Boston, MA 02109
(617) 338-5656

Mr. Dooley’s straightforward approach to quality, entertainment and fun makes this tavern one of the best to patron, whether you’re Irish or not. There may be an impromptu Irish jig at any moment, and the laughs never seem to end at Mr. Dooley’s, but neither does the savory breakfast bar and burgers. Take a pint, have a seat and watch the antics swirl around this enchanting venue. The amount of satisfaction whether in drink, feasting or frolic you’ll derive from such a wonderful atmosphere is in equal proportion to how much you chose to participate. The time is now for great eats and exceptional companionship, so bring your guests to a tavern that is marked to be one of the best in Boston.

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