Ask A Local Trainer: Boston’s Best Ways To Get Fit

January 12, 2013 6:00 AM

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A new year brings new opportunities, and perhaps 2013 will be your year to embrace fitness. Mark DiBattista, a certified personal trainer and branch manager at Beacon Hill Athletic Club’s Cleveland Circle location, has trained clients for 14 years. He suggests you either plan your fitness routine around a sport or seasons. Here DiBattista offers his best tips for getting fit, all with Boston flavor.
(File photo credit EMMANUEL DUNAND/AFP/Getty Images)

(File photo credit EMMANUEL DUNAND/AFP/Getty Images)

Go For A Run
Boston is known as a running city, and it boasts no shortage of locations to do it. Some great spots around town include the Charles River Esplanade, Harbor Walk and Castle Island. A favorite location of DiBattista’s, Castle Island, offers a flat course with picture perfect views of the water. The waterfront breeze gives great resistance during a run. In addition, DiBattista also suggests a jog along the 2.5-mile Freedom Trail. “There’s a line on the ground that tells you where to go,” he says. You can learn a lot about Boston’s history and get a great workout at the same time.

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(File photo by Darren McCollester/Newsmakers)

(File photo by Darren McCollester/Newsmakers)

Row OnThe Charles River With Community Rowing
Community Rowing
20 Nonantum St.
Newton, MA 02458
(617) 779-8267

One of the benefits of living in Boston is the opportunity to be near the Charles River. DiBattista highly recommends an organization called Community Rowing. Conveniently located on the Charles Rivers, Community Rowing offers great programs to teach you everything you need to know about rowing. “Rowing is a great cardiovascular workout and also builds strength,” says DiBattista. Available options are to join a team, rent boats or take lessons.

Photo Credit: Leslee Masten

Photo Credit: Leslee Masten

Try A Figure 8
Boston Frog Pond
84 Beacon St.
Boston, MA 02108
(617) 635-2120

Click here for prices.

Don’t let the cold weather keep you from exercising outdoors. This winter, vary your fitness routine and try figure skating. Options are available to skate both indoors and out. DiBattista recommends the Frog Pond at the Boston Common. There are also rinks that are sponsored by the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation. He says, “For something like $4 a visit, it’s not an expensive activity.”

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Calisthenics At Home
If you are on a tight budget, DiBattista says you can reap the benefits of weight training without joining gym. He suggests performing simple calisthenic exercises at home. Using a chair or bench, perform arm dips and pushups. To incorporate cardio, try step ups with a low bench or a high curb. “Resistance training is important,” he says.

(Photo from Social Boston Sports/Facebook)

(Photo from Social Boston Sports/Facebook)

Get Fit And Social With Social Boston Sports
Social Boston Sports

One of the easiest ways to get fit and stay committed is to make it social, said DiBattista. Social Boston Sports offers team sports to young professional and adults year round. As the manager of a fitness club, DiBattista said he can’t help but recommend joining a gym, especially if it’s in your budget. In addition, gyms offer more than just cardio equipment and resistance training. Many Boston-based gyms incorporate the activities listed above, including fitness classes – which are easier for meeting new people to help hold you to a routine. The majority of Beacon Hill Athletic Club locations offer a variety of classes including spinning, yoga, kickboxing and martial arts.

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