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Jaimie Sparks is a thirty-something, self-proclaimed, shopaholic. After years in the corporate world, she decided to make her love for clothing a career. She packed up her life and moved to Los Angeles to attend college at FIDM. After graduating, it was back to Boston to live out her dream: Jaimie opened a boutique (Pretty Reckless) with her sister, Jess.

Jaimie Sparks
Pretty Reckless
485 E. Broadway St.
South Boston, MA 02127
617) 765-8881

Jaimie and Jess started Pretty Reckless three years ago as a way to “serve their own shopping addiction.” Although they are sisters, they have completely different styles. Jaimie is totally girly and loves dresses while Jess has more of a jeans and tees kind of girl; more rocker, if you will. Wanting to appeal to both sides, the sisters decided to create the perfect compromise: a boutique that carried things a little pretty and a little reckless.

Slip Dresses

“The 90’s are back in a big way for fall and slip dresses are no exception. Easy to wear and comfortable, they are great for many body types — and climates. This shape of dress can be layered with a tee underneath or worn with a leather jacket and tights. This layering effect is ideal for Boston because the weather is always fluctuating in early fall. Boston can still feel like summer well into October, so the fact that these dresses can be worn alone or layered makes them total must-haves. Anyone that lives in Boston knows it’s all about layers and great basics,” says Jaimie.


“Keeping with the nineties theme, chokers have definitely made the cut for fall. Showing up on millennials and professionals alike, they are the new ‘it’ accessory. Boston is a huge college town and we will see them showing up on those who were not around to try the trend in the nineties. Chokers are a perfect update for those chic Boston night time looks and can instantly transform an outfit. They are also a cute accessory to pair with those warm fall jackets.”

Fall Florals

“Florals are always an amazing way to make a bold, feminine statement. Boston tends to be a more conservative city in terms of color, and fall florals are fun way to brighten up all the black and gray pieces that most people own. It can be as simple as a floral scarf worn with a dark jacket or a full on floral dress worn with a dark blazer,” Jaimie suggests.

“The florals we will see throughout fall with have a more sophisticated pattern and color palette than some seen during summer. This bold trend is a perfect way for all of Boston’s professionals to mix some edge into their work-wear while remaining office appropriate.”

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“Velvet is a trend that is going to pop up in all different pieces this fall. From pants to outerwear, velvet is making a huge impact. Boston can start to get chilly and a great velvet outer piece is a fresh new take on the typical dark wool jacket. Velvet creates texture and interest in an outfit and can be a new way to add a sophisticated statement piece to your wardrobe. Traditionally, Bostonians are not overly flashy and this is a way to edge up a look without going too overboard.”

Reconstructed Denim

“Denim is always a fall staple in Boston and the fall of 2016 will be no exception. Denim is being shown in ways other than the typical distressing. This new crop of denim features patches and different colors and textures being mixed on one pair. Bostonians love to be casual in jeans and this is a great way to make a statement without having to make a huge effort. These jeans can be worn walking around the city with a tee and sneakers during the day and dressed up at night with an over-sized sweater and heels. They are a great trend for Boston’s young professionals who are on a budget due to the fact they can be worn day to night.”

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