Tale Of The Tape: Who’s Easier To Cheer For? Rex Ryan Vs. Rob Ryan

(credit: Frederick Breedon/Getty Images)
(credit: Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images)
  • Name?
    “Rex” is great! It’s like a dinosaur!
    Meh. It’s fine.
  • Hair?
    Rex has your standard $12 haircut that you can set your watch to. how boring.
    Rob has long flowing hair, much like a proud lion.
  • Is He A Loudmouth?
    I’m a Pats fan, but even without that qualifier...yes.
    It seems that Rob has been better about keeping mum this season. Animated, yes. But there seem to be fewer quotes floating around.
  • Publicly Known Fetish?
    Ew. Yes. Gross. Ugh.
    Mercifully not.
  • More Likeable Team?
    Again, Pats fan here. I can’t vote for Rex. Never ever ever.
    But...as much as I legitimately like Drew Brees, and the city of New Orleans, and the nice story of the Saints' success post-Katrina...there’s still the whole Bountygate thing.
  • Better Fan Interactions?
    If there are any, I haven’t heard of ‘em
    Rob’s been spotting partying with Nola Locals at least twice this season. He’s in full on Bill Murray mode.
With a score of 5-2, Rob Ryan takes it! Man, his stock has really been rising ever since he left the Cowboys, huh? -Brian Cullen, CBS Local Sports contributor