Rescuers Save Entangled Whale Off Cape CodThe Center for Coastal Studies says its Marine Animal Entanglement Response team disentangled the whale off Ballston Beach in Truro. 
Humpback Whale Tangled In Fishing Gear For Days Is FreedA young humpback whale that was tangled up in fishing gear off Boston for several days has been freed.
Whale Stranded Off Kingston ShoreA whale that became stranded off the coast of Kingston Monday afternoon is now free.
Rare Whale Carcass Washes Ashore Plymouth BeachThe carcass of a rare breed of whale washed ashore a Massachusetts beach this week, New England Aquarium officials said.
Endangered Whales Being Struck By Boats Off Cape CodEnvironmental Police are telling boaters to be careful and stay clear of any whales.
Humpback Whale Washes Ashore On Nantucket BeachA whale was found washed ashore Miacomet Beach in Nantucket on Tuesday.
Rare Bowhead Whale Sighting Reported In Cape Cod BayResearchers have identified a bowhead whale in Cape Cod Bay - the second time in recorded history the animal has been seen so far south in the Atlantic Ocean.
Dead Finback Whale Will Be Buried On Rockport Beach ThursdayThe dead Finback whale that washed up on Boston Harbor Islands before making its way to Rockport will be buried Thursday.
Bowhead Whale Spotted Off Cape Cod For First Time In HistoryFor the first time in recorded history, a bowhead whale was spotted off the coast of Cape Cod.
Boaters Warned After Whale Is Spotted In Nantucket HarborA 25-foot whale is swimming extremely close to passing boats and ferries in Nantucket Harbor.
Whale Skull Unearthed At Cape Cod BeachWorkers at a Brewster resort started digging out a walking hazard on the beach when they learned it was much bigger and older than they bargained for.