WBZ Water Cooler: Fall Fun In BostonThe WBZ Water Cooler went out on the town, and caught up with some people enjoying the fall weather.
WBZ Water Cooler: Most Popular Car ColorsWhat color cars are people buying these days? The most popular colors this year, in this order, are: silver, black, and white.
WBZ Water Cooler: Augusta National Adds Female MembersThe WBZ Water Cooler broke the news of the Augusta Policy change to some local Bay State female golfers. Some were thrilled, some not so much.
WBZ Water Cooler: Song Of The SummerIt is the song of the summer.
WBZ Water Cooler: Controversial Call By Little League UmpireA controversial call by a Little League umpire, sends Hawaii packing and California to the Little League World Series in Williamsport.
WBZ Water Cooler: Bad BadmintonThe IOC is asking the Olympic committees of China, South Korea and Indonesia to investigate the coaches of the badminton players who were disqualified from the London Games.
WBZ Water Cooler: Local Olympians, Proud To Be AmericansLocal Olympians all got emotional talking about competing for the U.S.A.
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WBZ Water Cooler: Scott Pelley, CBS Evening News Crews Visit WBZAt the WBZ Water Cooler: Scott Pelley and the CBS Evening news crew delivered their show out of our WBZ studios this week.
UNH Grad, Portsmouth Police Start Responsible Drinking CampaignA University of New Hampshire graduate teamed up with the Portsmouth Police Department to start a social media campaign about responsible drinking.
Medford Councilor Hoping To Restrict Placement Of Satellite DishesThere's a push from the city council in Medford to get rid of all the satellite dishes just hanging around.
WBZ Water Cooler: National Memorial Day Concert PreviewIt's Memorial Day Weekend, and The National Memorial Day Concert is Sunday night.