National Domestic Violence Awareness Month 2016
Bringing Awareness About Domestic Violence
Hundreds Rally To End Violence In DorchesterHundreds of people took to the streets of Dorchester Tuesday night as part of a "Peace Rally and March".
Keidel: Ray Rice Another Crack In NFL ShieldEven by the pro athlete's subterranean standards, the Ray Rice video was shocking. He made no effort to heal or cradle or care for his unconscious fiancee.
Bradley Jay: 'Are Too Many Drug Offenders In Jail?'Do you think the net result of releasing hoards of “druggies” from jail is a positive move?
The Sound Of Sangre
Mass. Bill Would Allow Domestic Violence Victims To Break Lease Without PenaltiesMassachusetts lawmakers have approved a bill designed to protect victims of domestic violence, stalking, and sexual assault by letting them break a lease without penalty.
Bradley Jay: ‘Tell Me What You Would Do To Stop The Violence.’Click play to see the solutions that your neighbors suggest.
I-Team: High Crime Rates At Suburban SchoolsThe I-Team found some of the highest rates of crimes and other offenses committed by students are not just in the inner city, but in suburban schools too.
Community Meeting Held In Wake Of Dorchester MurdersBoston Police Commissioner Ed Davis said that the killings of three women and the wounding of a fourth crosses the line even for "gangbangers."
Online Gaming Could Expose Kids To Cyber Bullying, X-Rated ContentWhen your child takes video games online and starts interacting with players, all content ratings go out the window.