Screen Addiction May Lead To Behavioral, Health Problems For KidsAccording to the New York Times, Chinese doctors say children who spend hours and hours staring at screens could be suffering from a clinical disorder
NightSide - Brianna Wu, Video Game Developer And Co-Founder Of Giant Spacekat Discusses Her Decision To Pull Out Of Pax East.
Female Video Game Makers Say Death Threats Forced Them Out Of PAX EastThe computer gaming convention PAX East is coming to Boston next month but at least one company run by women is pulling out because of death threats.
Happy New Year!Most folks have overindulged in oh so many ways. And now we have begun to wonder how on earth we are going to undo the damage done?
Mike Vick Uses Tom Brady 'A Lot' When Playing MaddenCan you blame him?
Video Games Being Developed To Target Depression, AnxietyPsychologists believe video games could be a new way to reach people who need help.
Top 10 Sports Video Games Of All TimeA comprehensive list with no room for debate. Just kidding, I'm sure there will be some debate.
Vote Now! Patrice Bergeron A Semifinalist For NHL15 CoverThe Boston Bruins' season is over, but Patrice Bergeron is still in the playoffs. At least the playoffs to determine who will be on the cover of NHL15.
Wonder Why Kids Today Are Screwed Up & Obnoxious???The latest glaring example of how we got here comes to us compliments of the NFL. Yes, the National Football League and its new program to involve Mom in little Billy's football practice. I could not believe my eyes (and ears) this morning when I saw this network feature involving NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and Moms of teen and pre-teen kids on the football field.
Keller @ Large: Time To Boycott Ultra-Violent Video GamesYou can start with the makers of the 61 video games on the market that depict the killing of children.
Could Video Game Players Make Better Surgeons?Today's young surgeons grew up during a time when video games first became popular. While older generations may see the hobby as a waste of time, research indicates that video games may provide young surgeons with better skills and hand-eye coordination.
Arcade Shooting Game Removed From Movie Theater LobbyNational Amusements, based in Norwood, Mass., removed the game from a Showcase cinema complex in Yonkers, N.Y.
Melrose Offers Parents Incentive To Get Rid Of Violent Video GamesMelrose Mayor Robert Dolan is starting an anti-violence initiative in his city.
Violent Video Games Removed From Mass. Rest Stops After Newtown ShootingA family wrote a letter to the Mass. Department of Transportation asking that they remove violent video games from the rest stops.
Zynga To Close Boston Office, Cut 5 Percent Of Its StaffOnline game company Zynga Inc. is eliminating games, studios and jobs in a bid to cut costs.