Breast Cancer Vaccine In Development, Researchers SayJust like getting a flu shot to prevent the flu, one day women may be able to get a vaccine to treat or prevent breast cancer.
Pinterest Searches About Vaccines Will Bring Up Content From Public Health OrganizationsLast year, Pinterest stopped showing search results related to vaccines in order to the prevent the spread of harmful health misinformation.
The American Medical Association Asks Tech Companies To Stop Spread Of Vaccine MisinformationDoctors are worried that social media is encouraging parents to skip out on vaccinations for their kids.
Facebook To Target Vaccine MisinformationAds that include misinformation about vaccines will be rejected.
FDA May Step In If States Don't Tighten Vaccine LawsRoutine childhood vaccines are required to stay in school, but more and more parents are opting out for what they call personal or religious reasons.
Unvaccinated Kids In Mass. Can Seek Immunization Without Parental PermissionUnvaccinated teens are asking how they can get their shots without their parents' consent.
CDC Says Flu Mist Vaccine Not EffectiveIf you want to ward off the flu this year, you better get ready to roll up your sleeves and look away.
NH Hospital Urging Over 800 Children To Be RevaccinatedIt was discovered that the vaccines were stored at inconsistent temperatures.
I-Team: Are Vaccines Causing Shoulder Injuries?The I-Team discovered that flu shots come with a potential risk that few people know about; and the results can mean months or years of debilitating pain.
15 Falmouth High Students Diagnosed With Whooping CoughAll of the whooping cough patients in this outbreak, 15 in total, go to Falmouth High School.
Some Doctors Won't See Unvaccinated ChildrenSome doctors are now saying they are no longer interested in seeing unvaccinated children in their offices.