Medical Student Working At Worcester Field Hospital After Recovering From CoronavirusFourth year UMass Medical student Michelle Shabo had just finished a rotation in early March when she found herself thrust from provider, to patient.
Medical Students Graduate Early, Prepare To Join Fight Against CoronavirusMedical students from some of the top schools across the state will graduate early and could immediately be thrust into action in the fight against COVID-19.
Christmas In The City Co-Founders Launch $1M Fundraising Campaign For ALSEven the most enduring love stories can’t escape challenges. After 37 years of marriage, Jake and Sparky Kennedy are facing the toughest test imaginable in ALS.
UMass Medical School Honors Man Who Died Of Opioid OverdoseUMass Medical School is opening its own food pantry and honoring the memory of a young man who died of an opioid overdose.
New Treatment Can Reverse Effects Of VitiligoPatients are often told there are no effective treatments but a local doctor and one of the world’s leading experts on vitiligo says that's just not true.
Local Researchers On Brink Of Treatment To Prevent Lyme DiseaseUMass researchers are closing in on a treatment that could prevent the debilitating illness.
Ice Bucket Challenge Donations Helped Fund New ALS Gene DiscoveryAn international team of scientists funded by Ice Bucket Challenge donations--including a professor from UMass Medical School in Worcester--has isolated a gene variation present in many ALS patients.
Are Hormones Or Genes To Blame For Peripartum Depression?Local researchers are trying to figure out how a woman's DNA affects her risk.
Ex-UMass Doctor Accused In Bathroom Cell Phone Incident Punished For Similar Incident In 1994The UMass Medical School doctor accused of taking a cellphone picture of a woman in a bathroom has a history of similar behavior, sources told WBZ-TV’s Kate Merrill.
UMass Medical School Doctor Accused Of Taking Photo Of Woman In BathroomA student says a Worcester cardiologist snapped nude pictures of her in the bathroom.
New App Promises To Curb Stress EatingA new app helps patients stop emotional eating.