Path Will Be Key For Potential Major Snow Storm Tuesday-WednesdayThere is a storm in the works and it has the potential to be major, perhaps even historic, IF it is steered closer to New England Tuesday night into Wednesday.
Snow To Be Worst During Evening Commute, Then We Get A BreakThis should be our last significant snow accumulation for a while.
Snow Tuesday Will Be Last For At Least Another WeekAnother snow storm is coming, and while this one isn’t very large, it will pack a quick little punch on Tuesday afternoon, hitting southern New England square in the face.
'Very Significant' Snow Storm Coming Thursday, FridayI would urge you pay a little extra attention to the forecast over the next 48 hours and be prepared for a rude welcome back to work and school from Mother Nature.
Snow To Make A Mess Of Evening CommuteExpect a very slow and dangerous evening drive for almost all of southern New England this evening.
Snow Coming For Tuesday Afternoon CommuteThis next round of snow most certainly is going to slow the evening commute on Tuesday and require additional plowing and shoveling.
Rain, Snow Coming In Round 2The good news: we can just about put this snowstorm in the books…
Snow Tuesday Should Bring Delays, Cancellations, Challenging CommuteThere will be a widespread 2-to-4 inches (at least) on the ground by Tuesday morning’s commute, just about everywhere. I expect lots of delays, cancellations and an extremely challenging morning drive.
Snow Will Make Travel Difficult TuesdaySnow will move in between 10 p.m. and 2 a.m. Winter Storm Warnings and Watches have been issued for tonight through Tuesday.
Winter Storm BrewingToday will be sunny and cold as highs only hang near the middle 30s. Clouds will be taking over this evening ahead of this big winter storm...Winter's last hurrah, literally! Tomorrow, the last full day of Winter, will look like a winter wonderland for most of us.
Midweek MessA Winter Storm Watch is in place north and west of 495, which will most likely be upgraded to a warning later today.