Hawaii Peaks Could See A Foot Of SnowIt's wintertime in Hawaii.
Thursday Is National Unfriend DayIf you haven’t already lost a few Facebook pals over the election, now’s your chance to make your list of friends a little more exclusive.
Chili's Manager Takes Away Vet's Free Meal On Veterans DayThe parent company of Chili's says it wants to make things right after a veteran had his free meal taken away on Veterans Day.
Grubhub CEO Backtracks After Asking Donald Trump Supporters To QuitThe co-founder of food delivery service Grubhub sent an email to all his employees suggesting that supporters of President-elect Donald Trump should resign.
Starbucks Holiday Cups Will Feature Santa, Snowflakes, ReindeerIn all, 13 different cups will hit stores around the world Thursday.
How To Get Free Food On National Sandwich DayThursday, Nov. 3 is National Sandwich Day across America.
Bono Makes Glamour's 'Women Of The Year' ListBono said in a statement Tuesday from Glamour that the battle for gender equality won't be won unless men step up and lead alongside women.
Hilary Duff 'So Sorry' For Halloween Costumes After Social Media BacklashMany thought the costumes were racially insensitive.
'Door Close' Buttons On Most Elevators Don't Actually WorkPushing that “door close” button won’t make your next elevator trip any faster.
Arby's To Sell Venison Sandwiches In 6 Deer-Hunting StatesDeer hunting season is on the way, but fans of venison might not have to trek out into the woods this year to get their fix.
Beer Run! Self-Driving Truck Goes 120-Plus Miles On DeliveryAnheuser-Busch says it has completed the world's first commercial shipment by self-driving truck.