'Almost Back To Normal': Traffic Volume Has Increased Dramatically In Boston AreaIf you’ve been on the roads lately, you’ve likely noticed traffic has made its return to the Boston area.
Dump Truck Rollover On Route 128 Snarls Traffic In WestonA dump truck rolled over on Route 128 in Weston Wednesday morning, causing significant traffic delays in the area.
Boston Traffic Down As Much As 48% Since Pandemic; 'Not A Huge Rush Hour' AnymoreSix months after the pandemic stay-at-home orders began, there's one thing that still hasn't returned completely around Boston: The traffic.
Boston Is One Of The Worst Cities For Traffic, Report FindsNo one has it worse than Boston commuters when it comes to sitting in traffic, a new report says.
Single Drivers Taking Over Mass. Carpool LanesThe high-occupancy vehicle lanes, or carpool lanes, north and south of Boston are not really what they're cracked up to be.
Boston Commuters Waste An Average Of 80 Hours A Year In Traffic, Among Nation's WorstA new report has confirmed what you probably already deduced while driving to and from work. People waste countless hours of their precious lives in rush-hour backups.
5 Bad Behaviors Boston Drivers Can Blame For Rush Hour Traffic HeadachesBoston drivers are not exactly known for their civility when it comes the daily commute. We have all seen plenty of bad habits and may be guilty of a few ourselves.
Better Buses, Improved Reliability & New Fare Collection Coming To MBTAMBTA General Manager Steve Poftak is no stranger to criticism. He was happy to answer some of the complaints and questions posed by WBZ-TV viewers.
Employer Funded Shuttle Services Enticing Commuters & Easing TrafficWhen the commute became a roadblock to hiring employees, some local businesses stepped up with a solution in the form of a shuttle service.
Frustrated Mass. Commuters Consider Leaving State Or Jobs Due To Commute, Poll FindsCommuters may be at a breaking point, frustrated over traffic and transit problems.
Boston Has Worst Traffic In Nation, According To New RankingsIf you sit in it each day, this may not seem like news to you. A newly released scorecard puts Boston in the worst spot for time wasted in traffic.