'We Saw The Cyclone': Tornado Touches Down In Lincoln, RIThe National Weather Service has confirmed a tornado touched down in Lincoln, Rhode Island Tuesday afternoon.
Videos Show Funnel Cloud, Waterspout In Cape Cod CanalAs tornado warnings hit southeastern Massachusetts Tuesday afternoon, photos and videos showed dramatic images of funnel clouds in the area.
What To Do During A Tornado WarningTornadoes are among nature's most violent weather phenomenon. In minutes, it can rip apart houses, destroy buildings, and take lives.
Dozens Displaced, Cleanup Continues After Webster TornadoCleanup continues after a storm that sent a tornado spiraling through a Massachusetts town, leaving one person injured and dozens displaced.
Webster Hit By Tornado As Severe Thunderstorms Roll Through MassachusettsThe National Weather Service confirmed that a tornado hit the central Massachusetts town of Webster Saturday morning.
Webster Tornado: How It HappenedThe National Weather Service is continuing their survey on the ground and will issue a full report on track and intensity of the tornado soon.
2 Confirmed Tornadoes In Worcester County: 'I Couldn't Find My Roof'A National Weather Service team says two tornadoes caused storm damage in Worcester County early Thursday morning.
Tornado During Overnight Hours Is One Of Meteorologists' 'Biggest Fears'It’s one of our biggest fears as meteorologists - a tornado touchdown in the middle of the night with relatively little warning. 
Tornado Warnings Issued In Central & Western Mass.Three Tornado Warnings were issued for parts of Western and Central Massachusetts Monday evening.
Tornado Hit New Hampshire In Early May, Says National Weather ServiceThe National Weather Service has confirmed a tornado hit part of New Hampshire earlier this month.
Anonymous Donor Leaves $50,000 Check At Conway Tornado Recovery FundraiserAn unknown man left a check for $50,000 in a donation jar during a recent fundraiser to raise money following a rare February tornado in Western Massachusetts.