Tom Brady Sr. Wants His Son To Wear A Mask More OftenIt's funny that no matter how successful and famous someone may become, he'll still be his father's son. Always and forever.
Tom Brady's Father Thinks Bill Belichick May Be 'On A Little Bit Of A Hot Seat'Tom Brady the quarterback will never say a cross word about Bill Belichick. Tom Brady the father of the quarterback? That may be a different story.
Tom Brady's Parents Had COVID-19 In September: 'It Was A Matter Of Life And Death'Both of Tom Brady's parents contracted COVID-19 in September, with Tom Brady Sr. requiring hospitalization.
Will Tom Brady Be Back With Patriots In 2020? His Father Says That's Up To Bill BelichickTom Brady Sr. said his son wants to keep playing football, but it's up to Bill Belichick whether or not Brady continues to be quarterback for the New England Patriots.
Tom Brady Sr. Doesn't Think His Son Will Ever Get Over Super Bowl Loss To Eagles“He will never get over the Giants losses, and I don’t think he’ll ever get over this Eagles loss either."
Tom Brady Sr.: Agent For Brady, Garoppolo 'Takes His Marching Orders From Tommy'As has been well-publicized at this point, the Patriots have a quarterback situation.
Tom Brady's Dad Rips Goodell, Says DeflateGate Was Witch HuntTom Brady’s dad is giving NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell a piece of his mind ahead of the Super Bowl.
Tom Brady's Dad Hopes Patriots Score 60 Points Versus ColtsTom Brady Sr. told a New York newspaper that he hopes the Patriots put up 60 points and his son throws for eight touchdowns Sunday night against the team that started the DeflateGate controversy.
Tom Brady Sr. Calls Radio Show To Defend Son, Says Goodell Is A 'Flaming Liar'The father of Patriots quarterback Tom Brady apparently called into a San Francisco radio show where he angrily defended his son after the host called him a cheater.
Tom Brady's Father: I Don't Have Any Doubt About My Son's IntegrityThe Wells report has been enough for some folks to bury Brady's credibility, but unsurprisingly, the quarterback's father is not among them.
Brady's Father Says He'd Be Hesitant To Let Son Play Football With New InfoTom Brady is one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play the sport of football, but if he had been born 30 years later, he may never have gotten the chance to even play the game.