After Two Deaths, Amherst, NH Launches 'No Distracted Driving' Pledge In the wake of two tragic Christmas week deaths, the Amherst, New Hampshire Fire Department has started a new online pledge.
NH Adds Tougher Texting Penalties For Commercial DriversPeople driving commercial vehicles in New Hampshire could lose their licenses for writing text messages from behind the wheel.
Driver Charged In Fatal Amherst, NH Hit-And-RunA Mount Vernon man told police he was texting while driving when he struck and killed the former Amherst fire chief.
Daily Talker: Is It OK To Text At Movie Theaters? Should There Be A Designated Area?Three theater chains are looking at creating an area where movie goers can stay connected while watching a film. Is it OK to text at movie theaters? Or should there be a designated area for people to stay connected?
NH Supreme Court To Hear 'Reading Texts While Driving' CaseThe New Hampshire Supreme Court will hear arguments Thursday over whether it's against the law to read texts while driving.
Daily Talker: Should You Be Held Responsible For Texting A Driver Who Gets Into A Crash?A New Jersey court ruled people who knowingly text another person who is driving can be held liable if there's an accident. Is that fair?
Duxbury Officials Investigate Discovery Of 'Sexting' 8th Grade StudentsSuperintendent Ben Tantillo tells WBZ NewsRadio 1030, late last week they learned some middle school girls - mostly eighth graders - were sending suggestive, inappropriate pictures to boys.
The Hidden Cost Of CollegeFrom my experiences I have learned that tuition, room and board, lab fees and medical insurance are not the only expenses you will need to plan for.
Survey: Mass. Students Smoking Less, Texting MoreMore than six in 10 high school seniors who drive admitted texting behind the wheel, according to a new report.
CDC: Older Teens Often Text While Behind The WheelThink your teen would never text while driving? More than half of high school seniors admitted in a government survey that they've done just that.
Trial For Teen Charged With Motor Vehicle Homicide While Texting BeginsA first-of-its-kind trial began in Haverhill on Tuesday.
Habits That Distract Drivers Are Not Going Away Distracted driving is a problem for drivers of all ages, but it is particularly hazardous for teenagers.
Texting And Walking Injuries On The Rise Hospitals report a growing number of injuries from texting and walking from chin scrapes to broken bones.
Bills Toughening Mass. Texting Law To Be HeardProponents of stricter rules against cellphone use while driving in Massachusetts will have a chance to make their case on Beacon Hill this week.
Study Finds That Teen Sexting Is Less Common Than Originally ThoughtResearchers at the University of New Hampshire found that only two percent of teens had sent a sexual picture.