Hurley's Picks: Waiting For Baker Mayfield After NFL's QBpocalypseWith NFL quarterbacks dropping like flies, the picture of quarterbacking is not looking too peachy at the moment.
Titans-Browns Preview: Can Mayfield, Beckham Make Cleveland A Contender?The Browns could contend in the rough-and-tumble AFC North, but need to put it together on the field, starting with the Titans in Week 1.
Stidham Leads 99-Yard Game-Winning Drive To Lift Patriots Over Titans In Preseason ActionA perfectly placed back-shoulder pass from Jarrett Stidham to Damoun Patterson lifted the Patriots over the Titans in preseason action in Nashville on Saturday night.
Derek Rivers, Shilique Calhoun Suffer Injuries On Same Series Vs. TitansIt was a costly first quarter for the Patriots' defense in their preseason game against the Titans on Saturday night.
Mike Vrabel Throws Challenge Flag For Pass Interference By Patriots, Doesn't Get Call On ReviewThe football world has survived another instance of instant replay review on a potential pass interference penalty. The world is still spinning.
What To Watch For As Patriots Take On Titans In Preseason Game No. 2It shouldn't be surprising to see young players as a recurring theme in this week's edition of What To Watch For.
Tom Brady Trolls Mike Vrabel With Trophy Prior To Patriots-Titans Joint PracticeIt was a fairly safe bet that Tom Brady would have something planned to get back at old teammate Mike Vrabel.
Tom Brady, Mike Vrabel Exchange (Playful) Verbal Barbs Before Patriots-Titans Joint PracticeVrabel sent some verbal taunting Brady's way as the quarterback walked onto the practice field. Brady didn't take very long to respond.
Dion Lewis Takes Back Patriots Trash Talk From Last Year: 'All Fun And Games'Dion Lewis, now nine months wiser, told reporters after Wednesday's joint practice session with the Patriots that, well, none of that trash talk was serious.
N'Keal Harry Present At Patriots Joint Practice Session With TitansTake a deep breath, Patriots fans. N'Keal Harry is back -- to an extent.
Patriots Will Hold Joint Practices With Titans, And Logan Ryan Is Already Trash-Talking A McCourty TwinThe New England Patriots sure do love themselves some midsummer joint practices against fellow NFL teams. This summer will be no exception.
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Terrible, Terrible Things Happened To Every Team That Beat Patriots In 2018Voodoo? Jedi mind tricks? Whatever it may be, teams that have beaten Bill Belichick's Patriots this year have suffered some severe consequences.
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Michael Lombardi Says 'This Is Not A Good Patriots Team' -- Is He Right?The 2018 New England Patriots may have found their 2014 Trent Dilfer. And this one comes from what would normally considered a friendly source.