From Song to SpeechIt’s been a long road for Laurel. If you didn’t know her history, you’d never guess that when she was just 11 years old, she suffered a massive stroke that destroyed most of the left side of her brain.
Back from the BrinkNobody expects to experience sudden cardiac arrest and the possibility of brain injury — especially an active young mother with a healthy lifestyle.
When @#%!! Threatens the HeartWe all have times when bad temper gets the best of us. But letting anger escalate to an outpouring of rage can unleash more than just harsh words.
More Than 8 Hours Of Sleep Linked To Increased Stroke RiskCould getting more than eight hours of sleep a night be a bad thing?
Bob Neumeier In Hospital After Suffering StrokeVeteran Boston sportscaster and talk show host Bob Neumeier is in the hospital after suffering a stroke Wednesday night.
Boston Doctors Save Woman Who Suffered Stroke On Flight From LondonBoston, as it turns out, might well have been a life-saving destination for the Scottish woman.
Brigham And Women’s Study To Test 'Chocolate' Pills For Heart HealthIt sounds like research that people would line up to take part in - a study to see whether the nutrients in dark chocolate can help prevent heart attacks and strokes.
Stroke Strikes Growing Number Of Young AdultsStroke has traditionally been thought to strike older individuals. But now a new study in the Lancet medical journal shows a growing number of young and middle-aged adults being affected by it.