Patient Confidentiality Bill Making Way Through Mass. StatehouseA bill aimed at strengthening patient confidentiality is making its way through the Statehouse.
Advocacy Groups To Host Muslim Day On The Hill In BostonThe event on Thursday will give Muslim voters an opportunity to meet their state legislators.
Statehouse Exhibit Marks 150th Anniversary Of Lincoln AssassinationAn exhibit at the Massachusetts Statehouse will commemorate the 150th anniversary of the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln.
Massachusetts Lawmakers Assess Ebola ReadinessFederal funding cuts have made it more difficult for the medical community to prepare for potential cases of Ebola, a Boston hospital official told state lawmakers on Thursday.
Mass. Lawmakers Eye $40M In Statehouse RepairsMassachusetts lawmakers are hoping to spend as much as $40 million to upgrade the House and Senate chambers at the Statehouse.
Governor Patrick Signs Early Voting Bill Into LawGov. Deval Patrick has signed a bill allowing early voting up to 11 days before Election Day, making Massachusetts the 33rd state to embrace early voting.
Panel Finalizes Recommendations To Ease Drug Abuse A state panel charged with finding ways to address Massachusetts' drug abuse epidemic is set to finalize its recommendations for Gov. Deval Patrick this week.
Early Voting Bill Gaining Momentum On Beacon Hill A bill that would allow early voting up to 11 days before Election Day is making its way through the Massachusetts Statehouse.
Senate To Unveil Massachusetts Budget PlanState budget deliberations are set to resume on Beacon Hill as lawmakers wrestle over details of a proposed $36.2 spending plan for the July 1 fiscal year.
Beacon Hill To Hold St. Patrick's Day Hearing On "Green" Bills Massachusetts lawmakers are taking advantage of St. Patrick's Day to hold a hearing on a series of "green bills" related to the environment.
DeLeo Calls For Hike In Minimum Wage House Speaker Robert DeLeo is proposing a new minimum wage of $10.50 per hour in Massachusetts, to be phased in over three years.