President Donald Trump Mentions 'Spygate' In Tweetstorm; Twitter Responds Appropriately President Donald Trump sent off a tweetstorm about the FBI allegedly surveilling his campaign during his run-up to the presidency. And in the midst of that tweetstorm, he used the dreaded "S" word that Patriots fans hate to hear.
Hurley: Jon Ritchie Doesn't Know What Spygate Is, Complains About Spygate AnywayIt's pretty entertaining to watch people and organizations ruin their reputations because the football team from New England makes them lose their minds. Sports are funny.
To Celebrate Roger Goodell's $200 Million Contract, Here Are His Greatest Hits As NFL CommissionerRoger Goodell is very rich and will get richer. Here's a look at how he -- amazingly -- accomplished it.
Hurley: Roger Goodell's Punishment For Giants' Walkie-Talkie Use Is UnbelievableRoger Goodell likes to be known as the man who delivers a hammer of justice. The New York Giants are now reeling after learning that the hard way.
Seahawks' Punishment For Hiding Injury Reportedly Goes From Loss Of Second-Round Pick To ... Just A WarningThe Seahawks -- repeat offenders -- are just getting a warning for committing a clear violation.
Throwback Thursday: If Patriots Never Lost 2008 First-Round Pick ...With the Patriots due to be without their first-round pick, here's a look at how costly (or not costly) that was for them after Spygate.
Did ESPN's 'SportsCenter' Take A Spygate Shot At Patriots On Twitter?Emoji interpretation issues are plaguing society
Report: Jets Checked Locker Room In Foxboro For Hidden MicrophonesIn case you were nervous that we might make it through a week without someone accusing the Patriots of being cheaters, don't worry! Boomer & Carton have got you covered.
Cowher: Patriots Pushed Envelope, But Won On The FieldBill Cowher had a few tough playoff losses to the New England Patriots, but the former Pittsburgh Steelers coach never thought it was because of anything funny the Patriots were doing on the field.
Deflategate Is Over For Now, But Spygate Just Won't Go AwayAs one scandal came to an end, an old one was resurrected this week.
A Complete Rundown Of Patriots' Cheating Accusations From ESPNHere's a run-through of all the claims made by the new story. As a reminder, this is all about Spygate ... from 2007 ... and it is now 2015.