Driver Clocked At 112 Mph Was Heading To Pay Speeding Ticket, Cops SayA Connecticut man in a rush to take care of a speeding ticket now finds himself in even more trouble, police say.
New England States Launch Regional Crackdown On SpeedingState police across New England are launching the region's first coordinated crackdown on speeding and failure to wear seat belts.
Worcester Woman Charged With 6th Drunk Driving OffenseA Worcester woman was arrested for allegedly driving drunk Sunday, making it her sixth OUI offense, according to State Police.
Santa Watching Speeding Drivers In SandwichAn electronic sign in Sandwich tells speeding drivers that Santa is watching.
R.I. Man Caught Driving 127 MPH On N.H. HighwayA Rhode Island man was arrested Saturday morning after allegedly driving at speeds up to 127 mph on a New Hampshire highway, according to New Hampshire State Police.
Mass. Equipping Highway Signs With Radar TechnologyMessage boards along a stretch of I-495 will now be able to monitor the speed of vehicles.
NH State Police Nab Benz Driver They Say Hit 136 MPHState police say a 25-year-old Manchester man hit nearly 140 mph in a Mercedes Benz during a chase on the Everett Turnpike.
Travel On A Budget This Labor Day WeekendHere are some helpful tips to keep costs down while enjoying a safe and enjoyable trip over the Labor Day weekend.
NH State Police Aircraft Clocks Car Going 107 MPHA Connecticut man faces charges after he was clocked going 107 MPH over the weekend in New Hampshire, police said.
Mass. Man Accused Of Driving 118 MPH In 65 MPH ZoneA Massachusetts man is accused of driving 118 miles-an-hour in a 65-mph speed zone in New Hampshire.
Police: Motorcyclist Hit 145 MPH In New HampshireNew Hampshire State Police using aircraft during a traffic enforcement crackdown say they clocked a motorcyclist travelling 145 mph as he passed other cars on Route 101 in Candia.