Large Asteroid Could Be Reclassified As New Dwarf Planet In Our Solar SystemNestled in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter is an object that may have been overlooked.
Citizen Scientists Discover Potentially Habitable PlanetCitizen scientists have discovered a distant exoplanet that's believed to be roughly twice the size of Earth.
A Second Mysterious Repeating Fast Radio Burst Has Been Detected In SpaceFar outside our Milky Way galaxy, something is causing repeating short bursts of radio waves to be released into space.
MIT Study Proposes Shooting High-Powered Laser Into Space To Attract AliensThe laser beacon could be "something of a planetary porch light."
Cigar-Shaped Interstellar Object May Have Been Alien Probe, Harvard Paper ClaimsA mysterious object spotted tumbling through our solar system last year may have been an alien spacecraft sent to investigate Earth, astronomers from Harvard University have suggested.
Massachusetts-Sized Object Beyond Pluto Hints At Hidden Planet XThe new find, which has been nicknamed "The Goblin," was introduced Tuesday.
NASA Finds 'Water Ice' On The Surface Of The MoonScientists have long believed that water ice could exist in the ever-dark recesses at the moon's poles and that belief has finally been confirmed.
Mars Set To Make Its Brightest Appearance In Fifteen YearsThere's a lot to love about the night sky in July. Check out the timeline to view a number of planets and the brightest appearance of Mars since 2003!
Small Asteroid Hits Earth's Atmosphere Just Hours After Astronomers Spot ItA small asteroid slammed into Earth's atmosphere on June 2 just a few hours after it was discovered racing toward the planet, according to NASA.
'Lost' Asteroid To Pass Close To Earth Tuesday EveningAn asteroid that was lost by tracking satellites eight years ago has been spotted again as it prepares to make a close pass by the Earth.
MIT Conference To Focus On Space Travel For The PublicTrips into space, future habitats on Mars and moon tourism flights. Those are just a few of the aspects of "astropreneurship" being discussed this weekend at MIT.