Curious Why Birds Keep Flying Into WindowsAfter our long, tough winter, robins are a reassuring sign of spring. But they're also raising a question.
Curious About Rt. 128 Expansion ProjectIf it seems like a certain highway project has been going on for years, well that's because it has.
Curious About Trash Along Massachusetts HighwaysNow that most of the snow has melted, we're seeing green grass and lots of trash, especially along our highways.
Curious: Move Over Law & Headphones While DrivingShelley in Gardner is curious about the 'Move Over Law' and Elaine in Arlington is curious about wearing headphones while driving.
Curious About 'BZ MarathonersWhich WBZ reporters are participating in this year's Boston Marathon, and what brand of running shoe do they prefer? Also, besides Boston, what are their favorite races? - Robert, W. Yarmouth
Curious About Radiation & Japanese ProductsAll the events that happened over in Japan were very sad. My thought is regarding all the cars and car parts and other items we import from Japan. Will all of these things bring radiation to the US? Is there a cleaning/clearing process? - Diane, Weymouth
Curious About Gov's Book Tour $$Who is paying the expenses for (Gov.) Patrick's book tour? -D King, Hudson
Curious Why Oil, Gas Prices Are Rising So QuicklyOil and gas prices have been climbing hitting us all in the pocketbook. By why is that happening? Is it as simple as the law of supply and demand, or is something more happening.
Curious About Possible ShutdownA lot of you have sent us "curiosities" asking about the repercussions if the federal government shuts down. Our Jim Armstrong provides these answers.
Curious About Baby EaglesI would like to know the web address to watch the eagles in the nest. Could you send it to my E mail or post it on your web site or both, so others could have it too. - Robert
Curious About Airline "Collusion"Why do most major airlines raise or decrease fares altogether? If one airline raise prices usually they all follow and if they don't then the airline that first increased prices rolls them back. Is there collusion within the airline industry? - Brad, Peabody
Curious About ObamaEvery time I see President Obama, he seems to tower over all around him, how tall is he ? - Vinnie, Wilkinsonville
Curious About Getting Sales Tax BackI returned something to Home Depot without a sales receipt for a store credit and they said they couldn't return the sales tax. Why is that? The state is getting double sales tax. - Marylee, Southbridge
Curious Why Taxpayers Are Footing Dimasi's Trial BillWhen former House Speaker Sal DiMasi goes on trial for corruption the taxpayers will be paying the bill. This despite that DiMasi earned a six-figure salary on Beacon Hill and gets a $5,000 a month pension.
Curious About Texting And Driving TicketsJohn in West Roxbury is curious if the new texting law is working. David Wade sets out to find out.