Retail Group Asks Members If They Would Support Lowering Sales TaxThe Retailers Association of Massachusetts is asking its members whether they would support a ballot campaign aimed at lowering the state's sales tax.
Mass. Lawmakers Agree On Tax Holiday, Disagree On DateHouse and Senate lawmakers have agreed to give Massachusetts shoppers another sales tax holiday this summer.
Massachusetts House Backs Summer Sales Tax Holiday The Massachusetts House has given its support to holding another summer sales tax holiday.
Mass. Begins Collecting Tax On Amazon PurchasesThe days of tax-free purchases on are over for Massachusetts residents.
Daily Talker: Amazon Sales Tax Begins TodayStarting today, the convenience of online shopping will come with a higher cost. Massachusetts will now apply a 6.25% sales tax to all purchases made from Amazon.
Keller @ Large: Some Questions About The 'Amazon Sales Tax'Amazon is going to start paying sales tax in Mass. Congratulations are in order, I guess. To Start Collecting Sales Tax In Mass. Next YearOnline retailer has agreed to begin collecting sales tax in Massachusetts starting next fall, Governor Patrick’s office announced on Tuesday.
Group Calls On State To Order Amazon To Collect Sales Tax On Purchases A Massachusetts coalition of small businesses, elected officials and labor unions has called on the state to force online giant Inc. to collect sales tax on purchases. The Massachusetts Main Street Fairness Coalition penned a letter to Amy Pitter, the state's Department of Revenue Commissioner, demanding action in correcting what they say is a "disparity in state sales tax collection."
New Taxes And Tax Hikes Included In Governor's Budget Plan Gov. Deval Patrick will propose hiking the Massachusetts cigarette tax by 50 cents per pack as part of a plan to raise $260 million in new revenues for the state budget, the administration said Friday.
Curious About "Unfair" Sales Tax On Cell PhonesDoes the state have the right to charge me for something I did not pay for? You are being taxed at a rate of 6.25% for something you did not actually pay. Julie, Waltham
Many Shoppers Spend Carefully During Sales Tax HolidayConsumers are taking advantage of the tax-free holiday weekend, but they are also being very careful how they spend.