What's Next For Robert Kraft? A Look At NFL's Actions With Owners In Legal TroubleIt's far too soon in the process to try to predict what this news might mean for Robert Kraft, the Patriots, and the NFL. But for perspective, here's a look at what has happened to other owners who found themselves entangled with the law in recent years.
Hurley: Kaepernick Collusion Resolution Shows NFL Had No Interest In Being TransparentThe commissioner knows that enough people in this country will believe him, and that those who don't? Well, they've never had much power to effect any sort of change anyway.
Report: Some NFL Owners Wanted NBA's Adam Silver To Replace Roger GoodellRoger's not going to like this one.
Patriots Fans Mercilessly Boo Roger Goodell During Super Bowl Trophy PresentationIt's become something of a tradition for Patriots fans. First, you celebrate a Patriots Super Bowl victory. Then, you boo the NFL commissioner.
Keller @ Large: All Is Well In Roger WorldColin Kaepernick's collusion lawsuit against the league is still pending. But Roger Goodell has reason to be sanguine.
Roger Goodell Addresses Josh Gordon's Indefinite SuspensionLate in the 2018 season, the Patriots lost receiver Josh Gordon abruptly after the receiver violated the terms of his reinstatement following a suspension for substance abuse. Gordon was promptly suspended indefinitely.
Is This Super Bowl Tainted By Blown Call? Roger Goodell Does Not Think SoThe commissioner of the NFL has finally spoken on the blown call that essentially cost the Saints a trip to the Super Bowl.
Was Sean Payton Sporting Barstool's Roger Goodell Clown Shirt On Wednesday?Sean Payton didn't want to discuss Roger Goodell on Wednesday. Instead, he let his attire do all the talking.
Benjamin Watson Calls Out Roger Goodell For Damaging The Integrity Of The GameThe 14-year NFL veteran called out Roger Goodell directly for remaining silent for multiple days in the wake of the controversial moment.
Hurley: New Orleans Has The Right To Complain About Brutal Non-Call ForeverThis was not your standard bad call. This was not something that could have easily been overcome with some focus and some gusto. This was a missed call that literally took a Super Bowl trip away from the Saints.
NFL Owner On League's Handling Of Kareem Hunt Situation: 'We Look Like Idiots ... It’s Worse Than Ray Rice'For the NFL team owners who are meeting this week in Texas, the league's mishandling of yet another case of a player's act of violence toward a woman remains a significant topic.
Hurley: Each New Development Shows NFL Really Didn't Care About What Kareem Hunt DidThe more we learn about the NFL's role in investigating Kareem Hunt, the worse the league looks.
NFL Appears To Have A Mess, As Mexico City Field Conditions Threaten The Game Of The Year Between Chiefs, RamsIt's officially time to reset the count in the NFL offices: It has been ZERO days since our last major gaffe.
Report: NFL To Reconsider Roughing The Passer Penalties, But Change May Depend On Roger GoodellChange may be coming. Or, it may not. Like most matters involving the NFL, nobody can be quite sure.
New NFL Book Reveals Explosive Details About Roger Goodell, Tom Brady, Patriots, And More A new book about the NFL is set to hit shelves soon, and it sure seems like nobody involved with the league is going to like it.