Roger Goodell Promises 'Thorough' Review Of Patriots, Creating Some Unease With InvestigationFor most of the week, the news has been pretty good from a Patriots perspective with regard to reporting surrounding a Patriots videographer shooting video of the Bengals' sideline this past weekend. A little too good. Fear not, though, because everybody's favorite sports commissioner is on the case.
Hurley: With 'Spygate II,' We're Going To Need To See The Video FootageEveryone is already firing off hot takes about the Patriots and the latest videotaping controversy. For this one to get cleared up, we're going to need to see that footage.
Robert Kraft Says He Helped 'Introduce' Jay-Z To NFL Before PartnershipWhile the partnership was not one many saw coming, it was one that was aided by Patriots owner Robert Kraft.
Report: Roger Goodell Has 'Sole Discretion' On Josh Gordon's Suspension StatusThe good news for the Patriots? Josh Gordon has applied for reinstatement. The bad news? Gordon's playing fate now rests solely in the hands of NFL commissioner Roger Goodell
Roger Goodell, NFL Officials To Be Questioned Under Oath For Botched Call In NFC Championship GameA Louisiana judge has ordered that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and three officials from January's NFC title game be questioned under oath in September about an infamous "no-call" during January's NFC title game.
Roger Goodell Won't Speculate On Potential Robert Kraft DisciplineRoger Goodell was asked about a potential punishment for Patriots owner Robert Kraft on Wednesday, but the NFL commissioner avoided the matter.
Goodell: Robert Kraft Subject To Personal Conduct Policy 'After We Get All The Facts'Commissioner Roger Goodell said Patriots owner Robert Kraft will be subject to potential punishment under the NFL’s personal conduct policy.
NFL Releases New Statement On Robert Kraft: 'We Will Take Appropriate Action As Warranted'With a few days passed, the NFL has issued a slightly more detailed statement on the Robert Kraft situation.
Roger Goodell Has Wide-Ranging Powers To Fine Or Suspend Robert KraftWhat could Roger Goodell do as punishment for Robert Kraft's misstep?
What's Next For Robert Kraft? A Look At NFL's Actions With Owners In Legal TroubleIt's far too soon in the process to try to predict what this news might mean for Robert Kraft, the Patriots, and the NFL. But for perspective, here's a look at what has happened to other owners who found themselves entangled with the law in recent years.
Hurley: Kaepernick Collusion Resolution Shows NFL Had No Interest In Being TransparentThe commissioner knows that enough people in this country will believe him, and that those who don't? Well, they've never had much power to effect any sort of change anyway.