WBZ WaterCooler: 2013's HighlightsAt the WBZ Water Cooler: A look back at some of the highlights of 2013.
WBZ WaterCooler: Last-Minute Shopping DealsAt the WBZ Water Cooler: The final hours of Christmas shopping are upon us.
WBZ Water Cooler: The Mandela Memorial InterpreterAt The WBZ Water Cooler: Every day that goes by it seems we learn more about the bogus interpreter at Nelson Mandela's Memorial, but we wanted to look at the signing itself.
WBZ Water Cooler: For The Children To Benefit Children's HospitalAt the WBZ Water Cooler: Spearheaded by WBZ'S Jordan Rich, For the Children to Benefit Boston Children's Hospital is back, the 14th edition.
WBZ Water Cooler: Thanksgiving Week A Time To Reunite With Classmates At The WBZ Water Cooler: Thanksgiving week means turkey, family, football and seeing old friends.
WBZ Water Cooler: The Art Of The 5KAt the WBZ Water Cooler: Prime 5K season is winding down here a bit, but really the season never ends, so we decided to take in a race.
WBZ Water Cooler: Veterans Helping Veterans With PTSDThis Veterans Day the Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology is trying to get the word out about a specialty program, where veterans are helping veterans.
WBZ WaterCooler: Autumn Apple PickingAt the WBZ Water Cooler: It's been a great season for apple picking here in New England. In fact, Frank Carlson of Carlson Orchards in Harvard, says they're coming off their biggest weekend, Columbus Day.
Leominster Man Killed In Korean War Returns HomeThe remains of a Leominster soldier killed during the Korean War are returning home.
WBZ WaterCooler: Red Sox DJ Is ALCS ReadyAt The WBZ Water Cooler: Ever wonder how Sweet Caroline in the middle of the 8th started at Fenway? Who picks the batters walk up music? Or do the players even notice?
WBZ WaterCooler: 'The Mentalist' Tries The Boston AccentSimon Baker, a.k.a. The Mentalist, is one of those guys who sounds nothing like the Patrick Jane character he plays.
WBZ WaterCooler: Autumn Along The CharlesAt the WBZ Water Cooler: Fall is alive and well. The air is crisp, there's football and beautiful scenery all around New England. We took a walk around the Charles where we saw rowers all over the water, and wouldn't you know it... we bumped into a Rowing Olympian, Eliot Hovey.
WBZ WaterCooler: Song Of The SummerIt's becoming a bit of a tradition for us here at the WBZ WaterCooler.
WBZ Water Cooler: September Super Bowl PicksAt The WBZ Water Cooler: Football season is here and before the weekend games really kick into gear, we wanted to get the experts to lock in their Super Bowl picks. Believe it or not, the Patriots aren't feeling the love from much of the WBZ Newsroom.
Helicopter Lands At Salisbury Strip Club To Deliver Tiny Exotic DancerThe activity inside a strip club in Salisbury has been known to turn heads, but this time it was an incident outside that had people talking.