Reports Say MLB, Players Are Nearing Deal For A 2020 Season -- But Nothing Close YetBelieve it or not, there is some optimism on the baseball front. A 2020 season may actually happen.
Why Are Our Sports Commissioners So Bad?Is being largely terrible, mostly uncreative, incredibly stiff and painfully tone-deaf a prerequisite for the job? Or is it a symptom? It's getting hard to tell.
MLB Players Rip Rob Manfred: 'No One Believes Your Bluff, Bud'After MLB commissioner Rob Manfred went on ESPN and said he was not confident there would be a 2020 season, players took to social media to rip him and baseball owners.
Rob Manfred Not Confident Baseball Will Be Played In 2020, Less Than A Week After Having 100 Percent CertaintyJust five days after being 100 percent confident that baseball will be played in 2020, MLB commissioner Rob Manfred now has some doubts.
Hurley: Everyone In Baseball Needs To Shut UpWith each statement they make, MLB owners and players are hurting the sport of baseball. It's time to shut up.
Alex Cora Speaks Out Against 'Mastermind' Accusations In Astros' Sign-Stealing SchemeThe now-former Red Sox manager who is suspended for the 2020 season wants to set the record straight after Major League Baseball and the Astros organization singled him out as the "mastermind" of the entire operation.
Rob Manfred Says 100 Percent Chance Of MLB Season In 2020Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred says there is a “100%” chance of big league ball this year.
Trevor Bauer Roasts MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred Once AgainIf you were to ask the average baseball fan about how well commissioner Rob Manfred is doing his job, you'd likely get responses that run the gamut. If you were to ask Reds pitcher Trevor Bauer, your answer would be a little bit more definitive. And it wouldn't be very nice.
Consistency Sorely Lacking From Rob Manfred's Rulings On Astros, Red Sox Sign StealingWhen it comes to writing the final word on the two sign-stealing investigations in the winter (and spring) of 2020, the record should show that consistency, believability, and integrity were all sorely lacking from MLB's work.
Steve Pearce Defends Red Sox Against Sign-Stealing Accusations: 'That's Such A Joke To Us'2018 World Series MVP Steve Pearce has issued an adamant defense of the legitimacy of the Red Sox' world title.
Manfred: MLB's Red Sox Investigation Complete, Written Report Will Be Released Before SeasonMLB's investigation into the 2018 Red Sox for using a video replay room to steal signs is over. Now we just await commissioner Rob Manfred's written report on the matter.