New England Boaters Urged To Slow Down To Protect WhalesThe federal government is once again urging mariners to slow down off New England to help protect a rare species of whale.
First Right Whales Spotted In Cape Cod In 2020North Atlantic right whales, one of the world’s rarest large mammals, visit Cape Cod Bay every winter and spring to feed on microscopic zooplankton blooms. On Monday, researchers at the Center for Coastal Studies (CCS) made the first right whale sighting in the area in 2020. 
Endangered Right Whale Spotted With Calf Off Georgia CoastResearchers fear the endangered North Atlantic right whales could become extinct sooner rather than later, but every winter offers new hope for the creatures as they birth their calves. On Thursday, Harmonia, an 18-year-old right whale which the New England Aquarium found to be pregnant back in August 2019, was seen swimming with her newborn calf near Cumberland Island, Georgia, according to the aquarium. 
Maine Plan Aims To Reduce Lobstering Impact On Right WhalesThe rules come at a time when lobstermen are concerned about a drop in the catch of the state's signature seafood.
Rare Baby Right Whale Seen In Cape Cod BaySurveyors say a North Atlantic right whale mother and calf have been spotted in Cape Cod Bay for the first time this season.
Drone Video Captures Stunning View Of Right Whale Off Cape CodA rare whale was seen frolicking in the waters off Cape Cod.
Right Whales Arrive Earlier Than Typical In Cape Cod BayMarine scientists say endangered North Atlantic right whales have been spotted in Cape Cod Bay for the first time this feeding season.
Protected Zone Established To Help Endangered Whales Off Mass.Federal ocean managers will implement a protected zone off the coast of Massachusetts until the middle of the month to try to help endangered whales.
Whales Make For Incredible Sight Off South ShoreSkyEye captured two different whale pods off the coast.
A Historic Spring For Whale Sightings Off Cape Cod May Not Be Good NewsThose endangered North Atlantic right whales cavorting in Cape Cod Bay are fun to watch, but their frolicking doesn't tell the whole story.
Record Number Of Right Whales Spotted In Cape Cod BayCoastal researchers in Massachusetts say they found more endangered right whales in Cape Cod Bay recently than on any one day in recent history.