Game Of Jones: Would You Rather Fight Rex Or Rob Ryan?It was a "Would You Rather" Wednesday on The Adam Jones Show's Game of Jones, with Jones having to pick which Ryan brother he'd rather tussle with.
Falcons' Kyle Shanahan Briefly Loses Backpack Featuring Game Plan For Super BowlAtlanta Falcons offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan briefly lost his backpack following Super Bowl Opening Night, and there was one key item in it – the team’s game plan against the Patriots.
Rex Ryan Is About To Deliver Some Hot Super Bowl Takes With ESPNThe media never got to have Rex Ryan at the Super Bowl as a head coach. This week, Rex IS the media.
Protecting The Blind Side: Lessons Learned From Patriots' Stunning 2010 Playoff Loss To JetsNobody is giving Houston a chance -- and rightfully so. But nobody gave the Jets any chance back in the 2010 playoffs, and we know how that turned out.
Rex Ryan Fired By Buffalo BillsRex Ryan is out as head coach of the Buffalo Bills before he could finish his second season on the sidelines.
Referee Walt Anderson So Bad In Bills-Seahawks That Even NFL's Dean Blandino Couldn't Defend HimIt's telling that instead of circling the wagons and defending the actions of an NFL official, veteran referee Walt Anderson has left the league with no choice -- not after a bumbling, blundering, bungling of a trainwreck performance on Monday night -- but to state in plain terms that he was very, very wrong.
Rob Gronkowski Owns The Buffalo Bills And Other Leftover Patriots ThoughtsBuffalo could have had Rob Gronkowski. Now, he just terrorizes their existence. That, plus much more in this week's edition of Leftover Patriots Thoughts.
Tom Brady Authoring Truly Remarkable Chapter Late In Hall Of Fame CareerThat's the type of beatdown Tom Brady has been delivering since returning from his DeflateGate suspension like a bat out of hell. He's not just leading his team to victories; he's demoralizing opponents.
Keidel: Rex Ryan Is Back... Or Is He?Charismatic head coach Rex Ryan is good for the NFL. And with with his Bills surging, he seems to be good for Buffalo... for now.
Boomer Between The Games: Week 8 Preview With Brian JonesThis week on Boomer Between the Games, former NFL LB Brian Jones joined Boomer on the program.
Rex Ryan Was Just Kidding About Inside Sources At Gillette StadiumThe Bills head coach claimed to have a mole inside Gillette Stadium. It was just Rex being Rex.