66% Of Millennials Have No Retirement SavingsMany people aren't overspending or living a frivolous lifestyle, yet still can't afford to put money toward all their competing priorities.
Referee Ed Hochuli Retiring From NFLIt is the end of an era in NFL officiating.
Report: Rob Gronkowski Considering Leaving Football For Acting CareerRob Gronkowski is apparently considering walking away from the sport ... and embarking on an acting career.
Eli Manning Might Retire From Football, According To Archie ManningGetting benched by Ben McAdoo can really suck the life out of a future Hall of Fame quarterback.
How Much Money Will You Actually Need In Retirement?Will you maintain the simple lifestyle you may have led most of your life, or maybe kick it up a notch or two to enjoy the fruits of years of saving and planning?
Over The Hill: Downsizing?The real estate market has been busy this year. And if you sold your house this spring or have it on the market you may get a tax break when you sell your home.
Over The Hill: Where There Is A Will There Is Way!According to AARP, most adults do not have will, but about 60% percent of Boomers (ages 53-71) have estate-planning documents.
Over The Hill: HousingWhere are you going to live when you retire?
Over The Hill: Do You Have Enough Money To Retire?Experts consider you Over the Hill if you are past your physical prime. Could be as early as your 20s, but in Tom Brady’s case it may be in his 40s.
Retirement Realities: Health Care CostsToo many retirees assume once they are eligible for Medicare their health care costs will disappear. Not so!
Retirement Realities: Retirement Pot HolesThe pot holes of life have a way of messing up the best laid plans for a comfortable retirement.
Retirement Realities: Living Far Away In RetirementDo you think you might want to retire somewhere exotic and maybe cheap? It is working for some retirees.
Retirement Realities: Will You Have Enough Money To Retire?The more money you have saved the more options you will have in retirement. It's that simple!
Retirement Realities: Dress RehearsalI am hoping I never have to retire, because retirement is a scary state of being.
Retirement Myth #5: And We’ll Live Happily Ever After In RetirementThat is a line from a fairy tale! Too many darn things can go wrong with your planning.