Keller @ Large: What Needs To Change In DebatesLast night, and all those many hours spent watching these guys over the past eight months, have left me with a few impressions.
Romney, Santorum Swap Charges In Fiery 20th DebatePrimed for a fight, Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum traded fiery accusations about health care, spending earmarks and federal bailouts.
Gingrich 'Appalled' By Question At South Carolina DebateThe debate delved right into the interview making headlines with Newt Gingrich's ex-wife.
What "IT" Is On Wall Street...and...What Mitt Is As Of This Date Well I made two requests in my last posting........"Republicans, get it together" and "Wall Street protestors, bring it on." Speaking of the latter, I think the protestors did "bring it on." The only problem is....they don't know what "it" is.
Keller @ Large: Republicans Clash In DebateThe President's plan for creating jobs and the future of Social Security were front and center during Monday night’s Republican Presidential debate.
Keller @ Large: Romney Still The Front-Runner After Iowa DebateThursday night’s nationally televised debate involving 8 of the Republican candidates for president was a significant moment in that race. Jon Keller is at large.
Keller @ Large: Lame Debate Better Than NoneI always learn something from debates, and last night was no exception.
Republicans Assail Obama, Not Each Other In NH DebateRepublican White House hopefuls condemned President Barack Obama's handling of the economy from the opening moments of their first major debate of the campaign season Monday night.