Rep. Joe Kennedy Calls Ed Markey 'A Good Man' After Confirming Possible Senate RunRep. Joe Kennedy had nothing derogatory to say about Ed Markey and didn't try to spell out differences on issues.
'Big Decision': Rep. Joe Kennedy Confirms He's Considering Senate Run Against Ed MarkeyThe young Congressman said he hasn't made up his mind yet.
Sen. Markey Releases Video Showing Sen. Warren Endorsement It comes as supporters of U.S. Rep. Joe Kennedy are pressing him to challenge Markey in next year's Democratic primary.
Rep. Joe Kennedy Explains Decision To Call For Federal Marijuana Legalization"I think if we are going to say that this should be legalized the federal government should come in and set those guidelines,” Kennedy said.
Keller @ Large: Joe Kennedy Had A Good NightJon says young Joe’s speech had one thing in common with the presidential address he was rebutting – they were both free of specifics.
Joe Kennedy Says It Wasn't Drool, It Was ChapStick On His LipsNo, that wasn't drool on the lips of Massachusetts Rep. Joe Kennedy III.
Kennedy Reacts To Trump: 'Bullies May Land A Punch,' Don't WinKennedy called on Americans to reject the extreme partisanship and "chaos" of the Trump era.
What To Expect From Rep. Kennedy's State Of The Union RebuttalWhy did House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi pick Congressman Joe Kennedy to give the Democratic rebuttal to next Tuesday's State of the Union Address by President Trump?
Mass. Rep. Kennedy To Deliver State Of The Union ResponseRep. Joe Kennedy III of Massachusetts will deliver the Democratic response to President Donald Trump's State of the Union address next week.
Keller @ Large: Rep. Joe Kennedy III On How Democrats Should Deal With Trump AdministrationRep. Joe Kennedy III told WBZ political analyst Jon Keller this week that Democrats have to fight back on issues of people's identity and dignity, but not on every single issue.