Curious About Radiation & Japanese ProductsAll the events that happened over in Japan were very sad. My thought is regarding all the cars and car parts and other items we import from Japan. Will all of these things bring radiation to the US? Is there a cleaning/clearing process? - Diane, Weymouth
Officials: Test Show No Radiation In State's Drinking SupplyHealth officials in Massachusetts are reporting that no radiation has been discovered in a dozen reservoirs, ponds and rivers that serve as sources of drinking water across the state.
Radiation Shows Up In Mass. RainwaterMassachusetts is continuing to keep a close eye on trace amounts of radiation that is showing up in local rainwater.
How Did Radiation From Japan End Up In Massachusetts?We are a very long way from Japan, so how did that radiation make its way half way around the world?
Officials: Low Levels Of Radiation From Japan Found In Mass. Rainwater SampleLow concentrations of radioiodine likely associated with the nuclear power plant issues in Japan were found in a sample of precipitation, state health officials announced on Sunday.
NightSide - Dan Rea Talks With Marc Goldsmith About The Power Plants In JapanDan Rea's guest, Marc Goldsmith is a nuclear engineer answers Dan and caller questions.
Curious About Radiation RisksIf radiation causes cancer, why is radiation one of the treatments for cancer? - Richard, Worcester
New Dental Equipment Causing Radiation ConcernsAdvancements in medical technology help keep us healthy and even save thousands of lives every year. But there are concerns that some of the newest equipment in dental offices could actually be doing us harm.
Radiation ReductionLearn about safety and imaging and how BIDMC is committed to “Image Lightly”
Cell Phone Radiation: How To Cut Your ExposureThere are some new products coming out which claim to minimize the risk of potential cancer threats from cell phones.
Curious About Harmful Effects Of Cell PhonesAlmost all of us own cell phones, and a lot of people seem to have them glued to their ears. That's why there's a continuing concern about the tiny...