Opinion: Early Voting Is Getting RidiculousNow, this early voting trend that is sweeping the country is getting as ridiculous as being gifted for Christmas or one’s birthday 35 days in advance. There is much “shifty” benefit for the Democrats since they’re pushing for it.
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Most Voters Appear To Have Been Unswayed By Final DebateAs appears to be the case with the vast majority of Americans, most debate viewers came with their minds pretty well made up.
Opinion: A Mad, Personal-Attacking, Interrupting Obama Loses Third Presidential DebateRomney won this debate in more ways than one – most impressively due to his dignified style.
Opinion: In Clear Victory Obama Shows Romney Isn't Ready To Be Commander-In-ChiefWhat was most clear tonight, though, is that Mitt Romney has no idea how the world works and the Office of the President is no place for on the job training.
Keller @ Large: Clear Win For President Obama? Taken in isolation, on the boxing-ring basis of who was the aggressor, landing more shots than he took, last night’s presidential debate had a clear winner.
NightSide - The Second Presidential Debate ExaminedWhat does our NightSide Panel and our listeners think?
In Your Words: The Final DebateFor the final presidential debate, CBS Local's stations will collect viewers' opinions of President Obama and Governor Romney with just over two weeks until Election Day.
Opinion: With Economics Intertwined With Foreign Affairs Romney Will Win The Final Presidential DebateRomney’s ideas – if presented fresh and enthusiastically hopeful for America’s future – can be the final bump he needs to win this election.
Opinion: Romney Must Answer Tough Questions On His Questionable Foreign Practices In Debate TonightIt is unprecedented for a presidential candidate to have as many conflicts when it comes to foreign business ties as Mitt Romney.
Opinion: Democrats Pick Another Losing Issue Focusing On BindersIt’s great that Obama made the binders the headlines since last Tuesday night’s debate because the truth about Mitt Romney’s record on hiring women and the truth about Obama’s alleged war on women is finally coming out – and helping Romney in the polls.
CBS Local Presidential Forum: Obama/Romney: Push Back On Opponent's False AccusationsWith the CBS Local Presidential Forum coming to a close Barack Obama and Mitt Romney take their chance to set the record straight, pointing out the false accusations their opponent has leveled and giving their response.
Opinion: Romney Campaign Drops Dog Whistle And Moves To Blatant RacismRomney supporters, including his son Tagg, have moved away from dog whistle politics and are now engaging in outright disrespectful and racist campaigning.
Opinion: Crowley's Obama Favoritism Completely Discredits Her As A JournalistThere were so many blatant signs of Obama-favored bias displayed by CNN political correspondent Candy Crowley that one scarcely knows where to begin. She caused the difference between Romney’s huge win in the first debate and his extremely narrow win in the second.
Keller @ Large: No More Town Hall Style DebatesBoth candidates basically ignored the citizens and their poorly-phrased questions.