Study Shows Acetaminophen During Pregnancy May Increase Risk of Autism, ADHDA new study finds taking acetaminophen late in pregnancy is associated with a higher risk of having a child with autism or ADHD.
Study: Stressful Pregnancy Reduces Chances Of Having A BoyStress during pregnancy can be harmful for both mom and baby, experts say.
Most Pregnant Women Aren't Getting Flu And Whooping Cough Shots, CDC WarnsThe shots are safe and recommended as part of routine prenatal care.
Number Of Pregnant Women With High Blood Pressure Is RisingThe number of pregnant women with high blood pressure has spiked over the past four decades, according to a study.
FDA: Dietary Supplement Ingredient Linked To MiscarriagesThe FDA is warning consumers, especially women of childbearing age, about an ingredient found in some dietary supplements.
Migraines During Pregnancy Can Increase Risks To Mother, BabyMany women of reproductive age suffer from migraines, but a new study out of Denmark finds that having these painful headaches during pregnancy may put the mother and the baby at risk.
Smoking During Pregnancy Doubles Risk Of Sudden Death For Baby, Study SaysA new study analyzes data on smoking during pregnancy.
Study: Taking Prenatal Vitamins Early In Pregnancy Associated With Lower Autism Risk
Pediatricians Warn Pregnant And Nursing Moms To Avoid MarijuanaThe nation's leading group of pediatricians says not enough is known about the effects of marijuana on a child's developing brain. 
More Pregnant Women Are Suffering From Heart AttacksThe number of women who suffer from a heart attack while pregnant or soon after giving birth is on the rise.
Pregnant Women More Prone To Depression Today Than Years AgoAccording to a new study in "JAMA Network Open", expectant moms today are more likely to be depressed than their mothers were 25 years ago.