SJC Hears Pledge Of Allegiance Challenge From Atheist Acton CoupleA lawyer for an atheist family has asked Massachusetts' highest court to ban the practice of reciting the Pledge of Allegiance in state public schools.
Official Skips Routine Pledge Of Allegiance At Falmouth Town MeetingA woman's decision to exclude the pledge of allegiance from a Falmouth selectmen's meeting is causing some controversy.
NightSide Weekend Commentary - Why Are Two Words Such A Big Deal?"Under God" over reaction.
Acton Family Wants "Under God" Removed From Pledge Of AllegianceThe family, who chooses to remain anonymous, is suing the school district. They want the words "under God" taken out.
NightSide Weekend Commentary - American Students Recite Pledge Of Allegiance And Sing National Anthem Of MexicoDan Rea wants to know where is the ACLU
Keller @ Large: Pledge Fight Grounded In IgnoranceThere is nothing serious or thoughtful about this knee-jerk attempt to squelch The Pledge of Allegiance in Brookline.
Brookline Group Wants To Take Pledge Of Allegiance Out Of SchoolsBrookline Pax was the same group behind a recent change in policy, which made the pledge optional and not required.
God Knows NBC Is Wrong...And So Is Nike....BIG time!!! Do you too find it amazing that a major television network would stoop the level of many lefty loonies in this country and actually edit-out certain words from the Pledge of Allegiance? Whoever did the editing should be fired, but we all know that'll never happen and that's not the point.
Brookline Parents Need To Sign Off On Pledge Of AllegianceDevotion School in Brookline sent a letter home to parents informing parents the pledge would soon be recited weekly. It included a form for families to sign off on whether their children would participate.
Pledge of allegiance in Arlington
Keller At Large 07/21/10