Report of Smoke Grounds American Airlines Plane At Logan AirportEmergency crews responded to reports of smoke in a plane on the ground at Logan Airport late Friday afternoon.
Plane Makes Emergency Landing At Chelmsford High SchoolA small airplane operated by the Coast Guard made an emergency landing at Chelmsford High School on Friday afternoon.
U.S. Air Force Plane Diverted To Westover Air Reserve Base In ChicopeeAbout thirty ambulances were put on standby at Hanscom Air Force Base in Bedford Saturday afternoon for a potential emergency involving an incoming Air Force plane.
Daily Talker: What Would You Be Willing To Pay Extra For When You Fly?Airlines make more than $15 billion a year in fees. Now they're getting creative in an effort to boost their bottom lines. iPads, hot meals, skipping baggage claim - what would you be willing to pay extra for when you fly?
Ann Romney's Plane Forced To Make Emergency Landing In ColoradoThe Republican presidential campaign says that Ann Romney's plane has made an emergency landing in Colorado but that everyone aboard is OK.
Unauthorized Plane Taxis Into Path Of Jet Landing At LoganFederal aviation investigators are looking into what caused a dangerously close call at Logan Airport Thursday.
2 Dead After Plane Crashes Onto Cape Cod BeachTwo people were killed when a small plane crashed onto St. Landing's Beach in Brewster on Sunday.
Truck Hits Plane At Logan AirportThe wing of a JetBlue plane was damaged Tuesday when a truck hit it at Logan Airport.
Boston Plane Gets Clipped At JFKThe world's biggest commercial passenger jet has clipped the tail of another plane while taxiing out to depart New York City's John F. Kennedy International Airport.