Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning To Play For Coronavirus ReliefIn The Match: Champions For Charity, Woods, Mickelson, Brady and Manning will play a golf match to benefit COVID-19 relief
Golf Match With Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Tom Brady And Peyton Manning Is Indeed HappeningIt's officially game on for the most star-studded golf match the world has ever seen.
Tom Brady, Peyton Manning Reportedly Joining Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson For Coronavirus Relief MatchTiger Woods and Phil Mickelson will once again have an 18-hole battle, but this time, they're bringing some friends. Quarterback legends Tom Brady and Peyton Manning will join the golf superstars in a two-on-two showdown, with proceeds going to help coronavirus relief efforts.
Report: ESPN Wants To Trade For Al Michaels, Hire Peyton Manning For Monday Night FootballMarchand reported that ESPN has its eyes on a pairing of Al Michaels and Peyton Manning for Monday nights. Obviously, that scenario has two decently sized hurdles.
Tom Brady Absolutely Roasts Peyton Manning On Twitter Regarding QB's Golf GameTom Brady and Peyton Manning sure do love to roast each other. And if you're keeping a running tally at home, you'll have to add another mark for Brady.
Tom Brady Passes Peyton Manning On All-Time Passing Touchdown List With TD To Elandon RobertsIt took a little extra time. But Tom Brady has finally passed Peyton Manning on the all-time touchdown pass list.
Tom Brady Ties Peyton Manning On All-Time Passing Touchdown ListTom Brady's ascent in the record books continues. But he's got some company.
Drew Brees Provides Record-Setting Reminder That Passer Rating Is A Terrible StatWe're all going to have to stop referencing passer rating. Drew Brees' record-setting Monday night was the last straw.
Hurley's Picks: Tom Brady's Decline Is FantasticYes, of course Tom Brady is in the midst of his decline. And that decline absolutely kicks ass. It slays. It is the most badass decline in the history of declines.
Tom Brady In Much Better Place Than Peyton Manning While Climbing All-Time Passing Yards ListWhile a crazy sport like football is always unpredictable, it's likely that Tom Brady will be having a much better day overall than Peyton Manning had when he set the record back in 2015.
Tom Brady Reveals Which NFL Record Means The Most To HimTom Brady revealed which NFL record means the most to him. The answer ... won't surprise you.