New Year’s Resolutions: Wealthier & Wiser, Part 1I would like to point out that almost every New Year’s resolution we make has a financial component to it.
New Year’s Resolutions: Start Of The New Year - Happy New Year!It’s the start of a new year and many folks make New Year’s resolutions, thinking they will get rid of an old bad habit or start a new good habit.
Last Week Of 2016: Healthy, WEALTHY & WISEYesterday was all about getting healthy, today let’s talk about the wealthy and wise part.
Last Week Of 2016: HEALTHY, Wealthy And WiseNew Year’s resolutions usually involve two things, health or wealth!
Last Week Of 2016: New Year’s ResolutionsYou knew that somewhere this week I was going to talk about New Year’s resolutions.
Last Week Of 2016: There’s Still Time To Make Some Last Minute Financial MovesThere is still time to make some last minute financial moves that will help for this year and next.
Last Week Of 2016: Back To Work Tomorrow is back to work for most of us, and with the new year it’s a good time to review your benefits at work.
General TippingTipping intimidates me. At times I am not sure if I should tip or if it’s expected. Do I insult someone if I do or don’t? And worse how much should I tip?
Holiday Tipping For Those Who DeliverYour newspaper carrier and mail carrier probably already left you a Christmas card with their name and address prominently displayed on the envelope in your mailbox or paper box.
More Holiday TippingAll of these suggestions for tipping are all optional on your part. If you have not received good service then do not feel obligated to give a tip.
Who’s On Your Tipping List?Let’s start with the folks who take care of our kids.