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What Robin Williams' Death Tells Us About Parkinson's DiseaseWilliams passing has shed light on his overall health; both mental and physical.
Cambridge Company Raises $5M In Quest To Discover Drug To Treat Parkinson'sA Cambridge medical research and development company has raised $5 million to finance its journey to try to discover the first drug that can treat Parkinson's Disease.
New Marker May Help Diagnose Parkinson's Disease in Early StagesParkinson’s disease, which affects more than 1 million individuals throughout the United States, often arises slowly and without early warning signs.
VIDEO: Zumba For Parkinson's PatientsMore people are turning to zumba dance exercise to help treat a variety of conditions, as well as boosting good overall wellness.
Mass. Voters Approve Medical Marijuana Ballot MeasureDoctors can now recommend medical marijuana for patients with certain conditions.
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Dave Maynard Epitomized What Broadcasting Was (is) All AboutTo say that Dave epitomized what broadcasting was, and is all about, is not an over-statement. He had the voice, he had the wit, he had the intelligence and most of all, he had the compassionate understanding of his audience, and he used every ounce of his gifts, to serve others.
Curing Parkinson's Disease: Gene Therapy Shows PromiseAn experimental treatment improved symptoms of Parkinson's disease in a mid-stage test, echoing results of an earlier pilot study.
New Parkinson’s Treatment Could Slow Progression Of DiseaseThere could also be a new drug to help patients with Parkinson's disease. Most of the drugs on the market right now only target the symptoms. But Paula Ebben shows us how a new approach could actually slow down the progression of the disease.