Obama Salutes 'Hero' Boston Police Officer Shot In FacePresident Barack Obama has praised a Boston police officer who was shot point-blank in the face by a suspect, calling the downed officer a "hero."
STEM Education & Why President Obama Has Made It An Educational PriorityInnovation drives the U.S. economy, and employees with science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) skills have become a hot commodity in post-recession America.
Bradley Jay: ‘Dinner And A Question’What would you ask?
Obama Expected To Sign Bill Curbing Flood Insurance Premium HikesThe president is set to sign legislation relieving homeowners in flood-prone neighborhoods from big increases in their insurance bills.
Will Obama's Online Spoof Spur ACA Enrollment For Target Age Group? In order for the Affordable Care Act to succeed, more American have to sign up for coverage.
$ For SS Benefits? NO! $ for Veterans Cemeteries? NO! $$$for Pakistan? YES!!!!! Heck even John Stewart who's somewhere left of Lenin and an ardent supporter of BHO and the far left is in "shock." I think Stewart's words were....."there's no way to even put a spin on this turd."
Pro-Health Care Vandals Target NH GOPThe New Hampshire Republican Party headquarters has been vandalized by someone who apparently supports President Barack Obama's health care overhaul law.
Like Shootin' Fish In A Barrell !! So Mr. President.....or Mr. Secretary of State.......how's this Putin thing workin' out for ya?
Here's Your Chance Mr. President.....You Can Up Your Rankings Tonight!!!!!!Is this a classic opportunity or what for our South-side community organizer.....and isn't this poetic, he's got Putin and Assad of all people, teamed up to pull his Presidency out of the weeds.
Sen. Markey Now Opposes Strike Against Syria Democratic Sen. Ed Markey of Massachusetts says he opposes the resolution that would allow President Barack Obama to order military strikes against Syria.
Daily Talker: Are You On Board With A Military Strike In Syria?President Obama makes his case tonight for military action in Syria. A majority of Americans think a strike is a bad idea. What does the President have to say to convince you it's the right course of action?