Coakley Backs Effort To Prevent Vermont Nuclear Power Plant From Operating Past Next MarchMassachusetts is backing Vermont in its efforts to prevent the Vermont Yankee nuclear plant from operating beyond next March.
NRC Sends Inspection Team To Pilgrim Nuclear PlantThe Nuclear Regulatory Commission has sent a three-member inspection team to the Pilgrim nuclear power plant to try and figure out what led to an automatic shutdown last week.
Worries Raised About School Evacuations In Event Of NH Nuke EmergencyThe nuclear disaster in Japan has revived decades-old concerns about who would help evacuate schoolchildren if something similar happened in New Hampshire.
Curious About Radiation & Japanese ProductsAll the events that happened over in Japan were very sad. My thought is regarding all the cars and car parts and other items we import from Japan. Will all of these things bring radiation to the US? Is there a cleaning/clearing process? - Diane, Weymouth
Traces Of Radioiodine Turn Up In Local Air SampleThe Department of Public Health announced on Friday that it detected low levels of radioiodine in an air sample in Massachusetts.
Mass. Company Sending Robots To JapanThe Bedford, Mass. company i-Robot is about to be on the frontlines of Japan's nuclear crisis.
Curious Who Pays For American EvacuationsWhen the Federal Government has to evacuate Americans from areas of natural disasters like we are seeing in Japan, or earlier in Egypt, who pays the bill? - Lynne
NightSide - Dan Rea Talks With Professor Gilbert Brown About Japan's Nuclear SituationNightSide's Dan Rea talks with Professor Gilbert Brown from UMASS Lowell about Japan's nuclear situation.
Kerry To Obama: Rethink Push For Nuclear Power PlantsSen. John Kerry is urging the Obama administration to rethink its push for a new generation of nuclear power plants.
Sen. Brown: Greatest terror threat is Iran